Anti Jeb Bush Democrat Attack Plan Leaked

Democrats have a plan to attack Jeb Bush as essentially another Mitt Romney, Politico reported on Saturday. The plan calls for Democrats to go after Jeb Bush as an out of touch candidate of the top one percent who is more conservative than represented by his campaign. Democrats seem to believe that Jeb Bush shares many of the same weaknesses that the Obama campaigned attacked Mitt Romney for in 2012.

“DNC strategists hosted a private conference call Friday to prepare Democrats going on the Sunday news shows to address the former Florida governor’s announcement this week that he will actively explore a run for president. A participant on the call shared the talking points with POLITICO, and a DNC official confirmed their veracity,” Politico reported about the leaked plan to attack Jeb Bush.

The anti-Jeb Bush talking points also tie the former Florida governor to his brother, who was president before President Obama, reports the International Business Times. The talking points suggest a Jeb Bush presidency would benefit the wealthy at the expense of others while bringing back the policies of George W. Bush.

“But we also know what to expect from a Bush presidency because we’ve seen it before: policies that wreck the economy, that give massive breaks to the wealthy and corporations, and that are out of step with American people including women, LGBT Americans, Latinos and people of color,” the International Business Times quoted from the anti-Jeb Bush talking points leaked from the Democrats.

The leaked plan to attack Jeb Bush suggests many Democratic strategists see a repeat of much of their 2012 attacks against Mitt Romney being successful against Bush. Mitt Romney, like Jeb Bush, has a long career in business and has made many millions, and both Romney and Bush are seen as politically close to the top one percent. Jeb Bush, like Romney, they believe, can be portrayed as out of touch with the middle dlass.

“Jeb Bush has spent his career doing what would benefit himself and people like him – certainly not looking out for working Americans,” the leaked Jeb Bush attack plan reported on by Politico says. “Bush spent recent years cashing in on Wall Street as Americans were hit by the financial crisis. Since leaving public office, Bush has been involved in several problematic business deals, creating a multi-million dollar fund in a tax haven, and leveraging his family name to reap profits for himself.”

As the Democrats plan to attack Jeb Bush for being too connected to the wealthy and corporate interests, some pundits and conservatives are asking if Jeb Bush is not sufficiently conservative enough to win the GOP nomination, the Inquisitr reports. Jeb Bush’s support for “Common Core” education and immigration reform are seen as out of step with many voters among the Republican base.

[Image of Jeb Bush by Gage Skidmore from Wikipedia]

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