Psychologist Allegedly Chops Up Husband With Chainsaw, Scatters Body Parts Around City

A psychologist allegedly decapitated her husband with a chainsaw, and then dumped his chopped up body parts in different areas throughout Mexico City.

The woman even reportedly texted her hubby’s friends and family from his cell phone to convince them that he was just away on a business trip.

After being detained by authorities, the suspect claimed that she was a victim of long-time domestic physical abuse carried out by her spouse.

The shrink’s alleged attempt to get away with murder was foiled when some kids found the man’s head while playing in a local park. Police then began investigating.

The man’s dismembered hands and feet were later found at locations elsewhere in Mexico City. Authorities DNA-tested the remains and identified the victim. Investigators also conducted a forensic search of the couple’s home that revealed key evidence, such as blood traces.

“The not-so-good doctor, 40-year old María Alejandra Lafuente Caso, claims that she drugged her husband, 41-year old Allan Carrera Cuellar, by putting sleeping pills into his drink after having suffered years of abuse. She took a chainsaw and chopped up his body, putting the remains in black bins that she deposited at various locations around the city,” Fox News Latino reported.

Apparently Lafuente Caso attempted to use her academic and professional training in psychology to seek the insanity defense or the equivalent, but that didn’t cut it, a police spokesman quoted by London’s Daily Mail detailed. “Before the body parts were found she convinced everyone that he was alive and well by sending text messages. After we found the remains and managed to identify him from DNA, she pretended to be a grieving widow. But a forensic examination of her home found traces of his blood and bone gristle in the carpets and bits of flesh in the bathroom. She then tried to have herself sectioned using her knowledge of mental illness as a psychologist so she wouldn’t have to stand trial for his murder. But we had a doctor carry out tests and she is of perfectly sane mind.’

The suspect faces life in prison if found guilty of the chainsaw murder of her alleged wife-beating husband.

[image via YouTube]