‘The Interview’ Full Movie Online? Netflix, Amazon, And Hulu Haven’t Stepped Up To Distribute The Full Movie On Demand – But BitTorrent Has Offered

Update: The Interview full movie is now online at YouTube Movies, Google Play and Xbox Video: Here are the links to the full movie, now online on Christmas Eve.

When one begins to type the words The Interview into YouTube, the second most popular suggested search term that pops up is “The Interview full movie,” proving that folks want to watch the controversial movie online. However, the search terms “The Interview full movie” typed into YouTube turn up a bunch of results promising “The Interview (2014) Full Movie HD Stream” or “The Interview Full Movie,” though all of those videos encourage viewers to click off to other unknown websites that might very well be harmful.

Thus far, the only thing close the viewing public has to watching The Interview full movie online are short video snippets, as reported by the Inquisitr, of a half-naked Seth Rogen wiggling his belly in one leaked video from The Interview, or the much-viewed death scene at the end of the movie. This video seems to be a moving target, bouncing around that Mirror Ninja site to avoid removal and detection. With all these leaked videos of The Interview movie, it’s only a matter of time before the full movie leaks online.

As reported by the Verge, lots of people – George Clooney included – are calling on Sony to release The Interview, but Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton claims releasing The Interview full movie online isn’t Sony’s only option. While Lynton doesn’t specify other options besides releasing The Interview online, he does note that websites like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix haven’t stepped up to offer a distribution method for viewers to watch the film.

With the fallout from the Sony email hacking still leaking every day, it’s no wonder other websites wouldn’t want to step up to the plate to release The Interview and risk the wrath of North Korea.

“There are a number of options open to us, and we have considered those and are considering those. As it stands right now, while there have been a number of suggestions… there has not been one major VOD distributor [or] one major e-commerce site that has stepped forward and said they’re willing to distribute this movie for us… Again we don’t have that direct interface with the American public.”

BitTorrent, however, is one website that isn’t shying away from releasing The Interview full movie online, reports Venture Beat. BitTorrent Bundle is the best way to take back control and release The Interview, says the BitTorrent company.

[Image credit of The Interview: Columbia]