Report: Lead designer on next Xbox replaced

General Manager of Entertainment Design, Don Coyner, worked as lead designer on both the original Xbox and the Xbox 360, and he was said to be working on the next Xbox as well.

According to a report by CNET, citing two sources from within Microsoft, Coyner is “no longer leading the design and experience group for Xbox,”. Emma Williams, who was involved in the launch of the new Xbox 360 dashboard that was released earlier this month, will reportedly take Croyner’s place as lead designer on the next Xbox.

CNET’s sources say that Williams, who was previously the general manager of Microsoft’s Xbox Experiences division, will be guiding the overall design of the next Xbox and will be in charge of coordinating branding efforts.

Additionally, CNET’s sources backed up reports that Microsoft won’t be launching their next console until some point in 2013, despite previous rumors which had it pegged for a holiday 2012 release date.

Microsoft declined to comment on the report.

Source: CNET