If You Don’t Pay Tax In Russia, Bailiffs Will Seize Your Cat

If you’re a cat owner in Russia who refuses to pay or falls behind in their taxes, then the Russian authorities have come up with an ingenious way to make you pay what you owe — they threaten to take your cat away. Ouch!

BBC News reports that state tax collectors in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk recently succeeded in getting a resident to pay 12,000 roubles ($198; £127) he owed in unpaid taxes after threatening to seize his expensive pedigree cat.

Come on, Mr. Putin! Now that’s below the belt by anyone’s standards. You can take a man’s car, you can take his 50-inch TV, you can even take his house — but when you threaten to take away a man’s cat, that’s the sort of fighting talk that can lead to a nuclear incident, you dirty dogs.

Interfax news agency reports that when bailiffs came calling upon the cat-loving student who owed nearly $200 in unpaid taxes, they initially found nothing of value worth seizing, that is, until they spied the breathtakingly beautiful British Shorthair cat lovingly cradled in the student’s arms and the three little kittens bounding around the place like the most exquisite little lambs.

In a nightmarish scenario that could have spilled from the pen of Franz Kafka, the bailiffs rounded up and took the student’s cat and her kittens to god knows where and to suffer god knows what.

A statement from the region’s court marshal’s service reads, “Because the animals are pedigree and expensive, the representative of the law decided to place the cat brood under arrest.”

How very totalitarian!

Yet, dear cat lovers, this bleak episode which will surely go down as the darkest of chapters in feline folklore is no isolated incident.

Tass news agency reports that in another case, bailiffs in the Siberian region of Tomsk placed four pedigree Scottish Fold kittens “under arrest” after their owner, a former businesswoman, failed to make payments into a company pension fund.

The poor woman managed to get hold of the money and save her kittens, but the trend for cat napping is definitely on the increase in old mother Russia.

In Krasnoyarsk, a man who owed 20,000 roubles in unpaid utility bills, had his British Shorthair cat named Yasmin seized and somewhat disturbingly, his fluffy pet rabbit was also taken by a man in a long dark coat.

Vladimir Putin should be warned. Waking up the angry Russian bear by prodding it with a stick would be a walk in the park compared to the collective and hellish fury of hordes of irate cat lovers who have just had their felines snatched.

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