Jill Duggar Bump On Display As ’19 Kids And Counting’ Stars Share Mission Trip Highlight

Jill Duggar’s bump made an appearance for 19 Kids and Counting fans when Jill’s husband Derick shared a new photo of the couple. Jill and Derick have been a bit quiet on social media lately, and now fans can see why. It seems that “Baby Dilly” has already been on his first mission trip, and now the Dillards are sharing a few details.

Derick posted a picture of himself with a very pregnant-looking Jill on a beach. He says that they are now headed back to the United States, and he praised God for the work He is doing in El Salvador. Derick added the hashtag “#babydillysfirstmissiontrip” to the end of the post.

According to the Duggar family blog, Jill and Derick did the mission trip with quite a few other Duggar family members. Many 19 Kids and Counting fans may remember that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald did a mission trip together, with other Duggar family members, last summer as well. However, Jill and Derick had just gotten married, and were unable to make that trip. This time, despite the pregnancy, the 19 Kids stars joined the family for the annual Christmas mission trip.

The blog notes that Jinger, Joseph, and Josiah had already spent a week in Honduras and Guatemala at the beginning of the trip, and now everybody has been together for a bit in El Salvador. Various members of the family have been doing mission trips to Central America since 2008 or so, it seems.

The family’s show is on hiatus right now, but it has already been revealed that a new season will begin in February 2015. Fans expect to see quite a bit of Jill and Derick’s pregnancy, along with Jessa and Ben’s wedding, in these new episodes. Josh and Anna Duggar have also recently shared the news that they are expecting their fourth baby, so that may be in the mix of the new season as well.

Fans love seeing all of Jill Duggar’s bump photos, and it seems there are likely quite a few more to come, as her due date isn’t until the spring. Jill and Derick look content and happy in the photo Dillard shared, and the picture almost immediately garnered more than 25,000 “likes” and several hundred comments.

Jill’s dad, Jim Bob Duggar, may be in the headlines these days for his controversial conservative views, but fans clearly are standing behind the show, and Jill and Derick Dillard in particular, despite the negative press. It had been a while since Jill Duggar’s bump had been shared with 19 Kids & Counting fans, and everybody is thrilled to see a new update.

[Image via Derick Dillard’s Instagram]