Crooks Steal From 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Authorities are seeking information about crooks who stole from a 5-year-old cancer patient. Quinetta Smith said her son Kamareon was receiving medical treatment when thieves broke into their home and stole his belongings.

On April 12,, Kamareon was playing outside when he suddenly became dizzy and disoriented. Concerned for his health, Quinetta rushed her son to the emergency room. Five days later, the little boy was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

As the mass “was the size of a tangerine,” Kamaeron was forced to undergo emergency surgery. As discussed on the Team Kamareon Facebook page, it took eight hours to remove 98 percent of the invasive tumor.

Further testing revealed that the mass was cancerous. Even worse, doctors discovered that the cancer had spread to the 5-year-old’s spine. In an attempt to spare his life, doctors ordered immediate and intensive treatment via chemotherapy and radiation.

As reported by KSDK, Kamaeron spends a majority of his time at doctors’ offices or in the hospital. Unfortunately, opportunistic crooks used the time to steal from the 5-year-old cancer patient.

A single mother, Quinetta said she struggles to make ends meet while Kamaeron is “fighting for his life.” She said her son is “a normal kid.” However, the cancer and subsequent medical treatments restrict his activities.

As reported by AZ Central, Kamaeron’s prized possessions were a Smart TV, a Play Station 4, and several games. The items also had sentimental value, as they were Christmas gifts donated by a hospital organization.

On Wednesday afternoon, Quinetta came home to find her apartment door broken down. Although there were dozens of gifts under the Christmas tree, the crooks ignored the wrapped packages and raided the 5-year-old cancer patient’s bedroom.


Thankfully, nobody was harmed during the home invasion. However, Quinetta is concerned that the thieves will return. The single mother said she feels especially vulnerable as she is often away from home.

“We have a very supportive family so I won’t say [Christmas is] ruined, but for me to have to live here and to continue not to be able to leave my house… my kids Christmas stuff can’t stay here.”

St. Louis authorities said the theft is still under investigation. In addition to Kamaeron’s belongings, the crooks also stole a second television. Anyone with information about the theft or the location of the stolen goods is encouraged to contact the St. Louis Police Department.

Quinetta said she is stunned that the crooks would steal from a 5-year-old cancer patient who has already suffered so much.

[Image via Facebook]