Dell Shuts Down Netbook Division, Announces A Brand New Focus

Dell on Thursday formally announced its exit from the netbook category as tablets and smartphones continue to grab an ever increasing share of the market.

A quick search on the company’s website reveals that they are no longer offering the Mini 10 with the suggestion that buyers choose the much larger and more expensive Inspiron 14R.

In the meantime the company’s closest offering, the Dell Inspiron Duo, is listed as not available until near the end of the holiday shopping season.

In an interview with The Verge Dell marketing lead Alison Gardner revealed the company’s desire to focus on slim notebooks and ultrabooks.

The once hot Netbook market has been hit in recent years as Apple continues to define the market with their iPad and iPad 2 tablets while Google Android tablets including the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes Noble Nook have also managed to recently steal away market share from the once popular netbook product line.

Dell follows in the footsteps of Samsung who recently announced their own pullout from the netbook market.

In the meantime the company is hoping that slim notebooks and the new ultrabook class of notebooks will allow the company to show users how a slim design that doesn’t sacrifice speed and other laptop features can be beneficial in the workplace and for everyday use.

Do you think the tablet market is going to completely destroy the notebook segment or will certain demographics of users continue to provide the demand necessary to sustain the aging notebook market.