Las Vegas Man Forces His Kids To Have Sex With The Family Dog

Benjamin Simon

In one of the most shocking sexual abuse cases of the past ten years, a Las Vegas man has been accused of a number of appalling sex crimes against children and animals.

According to 8 News Now, Christopher Sena, age 47, appeared before the Las Vegas Justice court on Tuesday morning to answer for a list of criminal conduct that includes incest, child abuse and sexual assault, sex with minors under the ages of 14 and 16, possession of child pornography, and preventing a witness from reporting a crime. A handful of evidence was recovered incriminating Christopher Sena, including proof of the most disturbing of all of Sena's crimes: videotape of his children being forced to have sex with the family dog.

Court documents revealed that Christopher Sena threatened to break the legs of at least one of his victims if he or she reported his sex crimes. Las Vegas police have stated that the alleged crimes of Christopher Sena are some of the worst they've ever seen.

"We are concerned number one -- about the victims," said Lt. Dan McGrath of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. "It is our hope, that these victims, some of which are still juveniles, it is our hope that we can help them get counseling and get back to a normal life at some point in the future."

But Sena was not the only one in his family committing these sex acts. Christopher's wife, Deborah, and his ex-wife, Terrie Sena, have also been accused of sexual abuse of family members. The women are facing 27 counts, similar to the accusations against Christopher Sena. All three of the alleged abusers have been assigned attorneys. Christopher Sena's defense lawyer has reported that Sena will not be pleading guilty to the charges. The preliminary hearing held on Tuesday morning reportedly shared a portion of the evidence against Sena, which includes footage of the father forcing his children to commit bestiality.


According to the Daily Beast, Christopher Sena had been posting on social media prior to his arrest with updates that made him and his wife Deborah appear to be loving, responsible parents. One post by Sena referred to the pride he felt toward his son, who had helped with household chores.

"[My son] learned a valuable lesson, after cleaning up your mess after you make it, its easier to clean the house," Christopher Sena wrote. "And I was really proud of him when we mowed the yard, he stood up and took charge instead of standing around, I think he's finally getting the hang of things, because I didn't have to yell at him, I just have one more son to go."

But since Christopher Sena's court appearances, his social media friends have spoken out against him.

"I've known you most of my life & never would have suspected you to be such a disgusting pervert," one person wrote to Sena. "... How could you hurt a child?"

How do you think Christopher Sena should be punished for his crimes?