Pit Bull Comforts Deer Stuck In Fence: ‘Misunderstood’ Breed Shows Major Love To Wild Animal [Video]

Pit bulls are usually making headlines for attacking children, or acting aggressive toward other animals, but this week a pet pit bull is making news for doing just the opposite. According to Life With Dogs, Gotti the pit bull saw a deer stuck in the fence near his house. The pup raced over to the deer to comfort her, giving her plenty of licks while waiting for someone to come help. And once the deer was freed, the lovefest continued, so much so that the deer needed to be relocated so that it would go off into the wild and continue living its normal life.

“When the deer was finally released, it then refused to leave Gotti! The dog had done so well comforting the deer, it appeared the deer wanted to stay in the backyard with her new doggie buddy. Animal control had to be called in to relocate the deer to a safer area,” reports Life With Dogs.

The pit bull and the deer became fast friends that day. According to Thought Catalog, the unlikely friendship has been melting hearts all over the country today. The video has already gone viral.

And if you’re still not convinced that not all pit bulls are terrible animals, you can check out this video of a pit bull named Stella who is apparently super frightened on pineapples. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Stella wanted nothing to do with the strange-looking fruit, even though she towered over it.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]