‘The Voice’ Finalists Dethrone Taylor Swift: Contracts Imminent?

The Voice recently boasted that singles from Voice contestants had officially crossed the 20,000,000 threshold.

Well on Tuesday, The Voice also managed to do something that no one else has been able to do: Dethrone guess Voice mentor Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” single.

After the Monday night performance show, the four Voice finalists debuted their original singles for the first time.

And then something amazing happened. Not ONLY did all four finalists make their way into the iTunes Top 10, but Voice hopeful Matt McAndrew took the top spot from Taylor Swift with “Wasted Love.”

Soon after Taylor Swift dropped to #4, behind Voice contestants Craig Wayne Boyd and Chris Jamison with “My Baby’s Got A Smile On Her Face” and “Velvet” respectively.

Although Damien Lawson was behind the other three Voice singers, his “Soldier” still cracked the Top 10.

As such, it’s very easy to argue that the competition is extremely close and practically any of the remaining for Voice competitors could win.

But perhaps even more interestingly, it strongly suggests that the remaining contestants on The Voice are HIGHLY marketable.

One does not simply kick Taylor Swift from the top of the charts, not when she’s had a particularly dominant music period thanks to the wildly popular album 1989.

It feels like this year more than previous seasons the powers that be behind The Voice have gone to great lengths to test which Voice finalists are the most likely to be a profitable investment once this season is over.

It could be that these persons are FINALLY feeling the heat about the lack of stars produced by The Voice.

At the same time, it wouldn’t be too shocking to find out that popular record labels are taking note.

Christina Grimmie didn’t win Season 6 of The Voice, but she did end up signing with Island records.

It could be that while the actual Season 7 winner finds their career extremely limited by The Voice, non-winning finalists will find themselves free to pursue more lucrative deals with major labels.

Or, it could be that this impressive feat is completely ignored all around and this will result in yet another season The Voice putting so much emphasis on greasing palms and promoting the Voice coaches that no one ever gets around to making that mega star.

Forget who will win The Voice: The big question is if the iTunes chart will prove enough of a wake-up call for The Voice to realize they’re NOT making the most of highly marketable talent?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official Facebook]