WWE News: John Cena Holds Talent Meeting Following Disappointing TLC PPV

WWE had a golden opportunity to show why they are the main roster for a reason. They had the opportunity to prove why people around the world pay a lot of money to see them on a daily basis. WWE main roster-superstars were scheduled to wrestle at the annual TLC pay-per-view last night. TLC came on just two days after NXT R-Evolution, which is said to be the greatest wrestling event of the year.

Before TLC, reports struck the internet saying that the WWE main roster was frustrated that the NXT superstars aren't making as much money as they are and they aren't as talented, but the NXT stars are getting more opportunities to wrestle better matches, as well as receive better WWE Creative ideas.

Whether you agree with that statement or not, WWE's main roster had a chance to shut up the rookies from NXT. After all, they are still in developmental. After TLC last night, many, if not all, believe that NXT's show out-performed the WWE's main pay-per-view and then some. WWE fans took to Twitter and complained about how it was nowhere near the quality of NXT R-Evolution. In regards to that, John Cena held a talent-only meeting tonight to organize the troops and keep them focused.

Reddit user "MetsFan4Ever" has posted that many WWE Superstars and Divas are dissatisfied with how Sunday night's TLC event came off following what was a successful NXT Takeover: R-Evolution event last Thursday night. They are said to be hoping that this "will lead to creative changes with WWE's mainline product."

"While many knew it would be tough to top the NXT show, there were people who thought it could be pulled off. There have been rumblings that some talent knew they couldn't top NXT so in a silent protest in favor of Triple H, some superstars were described "mailing in" their matches last night. Many are in favor of Triple H and what he has done with the NXT product and feel it is time for Triple H to take the lead on the main roster."

Cena's talent-only meeting was said to try and boost the morale of the locker room. The 15-time WWE champion also stated that silent-protest wouldn't fix things, but rather they should use this as motivation to get better and prove the bosses and WWE Universe wrong.

Putting this situation into a broader spectrum, what if the AHL was more-entertaining to watch than the NHL? How about the D-League trying to out-perform the NBA? Even though professional wrestling is vastly different than both sports organizations, the situation I portrayed is very similar. NXT showed why they are the best.

Rumors are now coming out that Adrian Neville will be getting called up to WWE's main roster soon. In a time of very tense feelings backstage, that can not end well for Neville, who wants to be better than everyone else. To his credit, Neville can out-wrestle 75 percent of the main roster. Nobody would dispute that.

It sounds more like an internal war between the NXT wrestlers and WWE wrestlers is going on. Since the brand split, WWE's writing is arguably lazy, predictable and it's giving the WWE Universe a reason to turn the channel. Personally, I would rather watch NXT than Raw or Smackdown each week. Is this a possible wake-up call?

[Image via sportsgrumble.com]