Jordan Belfort Style: Investors, Not Just Leonardo DiCaprio, Party Like The ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ For Real, Claims Author

“Jordan Belfort style” was how Leonardo DiCaprio was described when it came to his recent bout of partying that seems to mimic the high-flying financial broker lifestyle depicted in The Wolf of Wall Street, where parties get crazy and the women are acting crazy over the men. But do the rich in the financial industry really behave like that?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Belfort has been dodging debt collectors ever since being released from prison, even going so far as to hide out in a $4 million mansion in Manhattan Beach. It’s even believed that Jordan Belfort’s net worth may still be in the millions, even though previously he had been ordered to pay back over $100 million in restitution to 1,500 or so clients he bamboozled.

The Wolf of Wall Street was based upon the real life of Jordan Belfort, and depicted wild parties, sex, drugs, and the abuses of investor money and female staff. A woman going by the pseudonym Lily Temperley is publishing a new fictional novel called FIX: Sex, Lies and Banking that is based upon actual “Jordan Belfort style” partying she witnessed during her time in the industry.

“I realized during the global financial crisis that the public, the every day person, was paying the price for the casino style gambling that a small handful of traders were involved with,” Lily says, according to Express. “I decided that if I was working in the institution, I was complicit even if I was not directly involved, so I left the industry and never looked back.”

Unfortunately, when Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garnn, broke up with him, he decided to all Belfort on his woes by partying with Brandon Davis and Joe Jonas, and he was seen leaving the club with around 20 ladies in tow.

“He left with 20 girls. Leo and 20 girls. He is my hero. He was overflowing with models everywhere. The Jonas brother looked scared, like he was going to drown and suffocate in the women. His face was hilarious.”

Reportedly, Toni Garrn tried to get back with Leo, but now they’re done and it’s all over with. Unfortunately, according to Temperley, this type of behavior still continues within the financial industry, despite The Wolf of Wall Street bringing it to the attention of the public. She recalls the “horrifying accuracy of it all,” claiming that the relationship between bankers and drugs is spot on.

“I remember text message exchanges and a break for lunch, only to come back to a note on a phone demanding to ‘check your pedestal drawer.’ There, in a neat wrapper, would be a few grams of the finest Columbian blow – or a handful of ecstasy tablets.”

Temperley recalls seeing company expense accounts showing off parties that cost over $60,000 for a single night, never mind the free flowing champagne afforded to secretaries. The sex and sexism of depicted in The Wolf of Wall Street is no exception, with women called to “fall on the sword as soon as cultural issues became the epicenter for the reason behind bad behavior.”

“I saw married men walk into a bar with me and slip their wedding ring into their wallets or pockets to ensure they could ‘pick up,'” Temperley claims. “In more extreme cases, it was well known that mistresses (read: also company employees) would accompany bankers on business trips to satisfy whatever needs they had.”

Temperley claims the people at the top are “borderline psychopath,” willing to fly into fits of rage and take out stress on unsuspecting employees. Fortunately, Leonardo DiCaprio is no Jordan Belfort, but if what Lily Temperley claims is true, then reality is scarier than any Hollywood film, never mind the actions of a recently dumped actor.

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