‘Peter Pan Live’ Soars Again With Christopher Walken And Allison Williams: Preview Clips [Video]

If you missed Peter Pan Live when NBC first aired it or loved it so much that you long for a repeat, you’re getting an early Christmas gift Saturday night. Starring Allison Williams as the boy who refuses to grow up, the show also features Christopher Walken as a tap-dancing, foppish Captain Hook. Peter Pan Live was created by the same team who crafted the runaway-ratings-winner Sound of Music Live, according to Broadway World.

More than nine million people viewed the initial live broadcast. Just as it did with Sound of Music, NBC has decided to try to boost its investment in the extravagant production with an encore December 13. Will those who live-tweeted the original event head back to re-evaluate their views?

As the Inquisitr reported, Twitter soared with joy at the chance to mock the Peter Pan premise of a boy who never grew up played by a girl from Girls. But many praised Christopher Walken’s hilarious performance, among them Mia Farrow.

Christopher Walken = gold No matter what

Among the most praised moments was Walken’s determination to conquer Peter, shown below.

Many of the dancing scenes involved battles and duels, which also added to the Peter Pan humor on Twitter, reported Us Weekly. The duels resulted in some interesting comparisons between Peter Pan and other shows.

“There have been better staged fights on ‘The Real Housewives.'”

However, Williams also earned kudos for her acrobatic antics, and she even tried to teach Jimmy Fallon to fly, below.

But no one quibbled that Nana the dog deserved extra puppy treats for not missing a mark. The dog even succeeded in turning down the bed covers in one scene.

“Nana the dog turns down the missing kids’ beds? Give that dog an Emmy.”

The dog was rescued from a shelter by animal trainer William Berloni, as the Inquisitr revealed. He practiced with the actors, including the young boys playing the Darling kids, to help them learn to train the dog to obey them, shown below.

Although stage parents are notoriously involved in their children’s performances, one of the parents in the Peter Pan Live cast was especially involved. Allison is the daughter of famed newscaster Brian Williams. He was so proud when his daughter was cast in the show that he shocked NBC executives by announcing it during his newscast, reported the New York Daily News.

Williams featured the announcement at the conclusion of his broadcast, including a photo of his daughter when she was young.

“Family members confirm she’s been rehearsing for this role since the age of 3, and they look forward to seeing her fly,” said Brian.

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