Utah Teacher Rape: Brianne Land Altice Charged On Five Counts Of Rape After Students Come Forward

A Utah teacher charged with rape was back in court this week, after a third victim came forward with new information. According to the New York Daily News, teacher Brianne Land Altice, 35, has been accused of seducing 16- and a 17-year-old boys back in 2013, and now a third victim who is believed to be around the same age. The former Davis High School English teacher allegedly carried on inappropriate relationships with these students for several months.

“The victim claimed to have flirted with Altice while volunteering as a teacher’s assistant until she gave into sex, but he later felt guilty. Their encounters included the teacher’s home, a park and a church parking lot. Her time with the 16-year-old victim overlapped encounters with a second victim that lasted from April to June 2013. The third victim believes the rapes happened in either August or September,” reports the New York Daily News.

The Utah teacher faces five counts of rape, in addition to two counts of forcible sodomy, and three counts of forcible sexual abuse. It is unclear if there are any additional charges in the case. She was scheduled to face a jury in September, but the prosecution’s new information has pushed the trial date back. Altice will be in court on January 15.

According to Sport Act, Altice pleaded not guilty to six charges back in October (four counts of rape and two counts of forcible sodomy). It is believed that she will also plead not guilty to the new charges that the prosecution has brought against her.

“Altice is now charged with five counts of rape as first-degree felonies, two counts of forcible sodomy as first-degree felonies and three counts of forcible sexual abuse.”

Of course, Brianne Land Altice isn’t the first teacher to be accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student or students.

In 2013, another Utah teacher was charged with rape in 2013. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Courtney Louise Jarrell, 22, was a math teacher at Utah’s Riverton High School. Jarrell was accused of having a relationship with a 17-year-old female student. Jarrell was charged with first-degree felony count of object rape and a second-degree felony count of forcible sex abuse.

In more recent news, a teacher’s aide in Pennsylvania admitted to having sexual relations with a 17-year-old student at Valley High School. According to CBS Pittsburgh, 39-year-old Christina Domme faces serious charges in the case, but said that the male student initiated the relationship, and the sex.

[Photo courtesy of Benjamin Zack /AP via the New York Daily News]