Denver The Guilty Dog Strikes Again: Hide The Christmas Tree Ornaments [Video]

Denver the Guilty Dog became a viral sensation a few years ago when his owner posted a video of his reaction to getting caught eating the kitty treats. Now Mashable reports he is back – acting as guilty as ever – and this time he is decimating a red foam Christmas tree ornament.

Denver would make a horrible crook because he just can’t seem to lie. As soon as his Dad discovers the damage and asks, “Who did this,” Denver starts grinning and wagging his tail in all his adorable, guilty glory.

Even if he could lie, that red stain the ornament left of his lips would give him away. It seems this isn’t the first time Denver has enjoyed a tasty Christmas decoration, and if what Dad says is true, it looks like he is going to be in big trouble when Mom gets home.

But come on, Mom, how can you stay mad at such a cutie?

Apparently Denver has a habit of getting into trouble and then telling on himself. The internet’s favorite guilty dog is so popular he has his own Facebook page with over 160,000 followers, where his owners post his and his “partner in crime,” Masey’s antics and funny pictures.

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[Image via Facebook]