‘Breaking Bad’s’ Aaron Paul Has A New Jessie Pinkman Style App: ‘Yo B*tch’ Or ‘YB’

If you still can’t get enough of Jessie Pinkman of Breaking Bad, then Aaron Paul’s new app will make your day, month, and year. The new app, appropriately named “Yo B*tch,” or “YB” for short, will allow you to send your friends or enemies an audio recordings of Paul’s voice as alter ego Jessie Pinkman, saying various “Yo, B*tch” greetings” like the app’s name, or alternatives such as “I’m Hungry, B*tch,” or “Nah, B*tch.”

“So many people, on a daily basis, ask me to call them a ‘b*tch,'” Paul told Mashable in an interview, “or they call me a b* tch. It’s just ridiculous.”

Ridiculous in a good way, since the series ended over a year ago and is still as popular. Paul’s new app is a direct reference to the show after that phrase became the signature phrase of Paul’s Breaking Bad character. Launched on December 4, the free app is available on Apple iTunes and allows users to send audio messages of Paul saying, “Yo, B*tch” (said in a whisper or excitedly, for example) to each other, and even to the actor himself. Some “Yo, B*tch” users will even lucky enough to receive a reply directly from Paul himself. Android users can expect the app in the next few months.


On Thursday, Yo, B*tch rolled out its first big update, according to Mashable. The app now includes free holiday-themed phrases — “Merry Christmas, B*tch,” “Merry Christmas to everyone, B*tch” “Feliz Navidad, B*tch,” “Where’s my eggnog, B*tch?” and more — as well as purchasable phrase packs. Altogether, there are more than 120 new messages. In addition, users are able to toggle an in-app graphic, called “Let it snow, B*tch,” on or off. If turned on, snowflakes start falling on the screen.

The phrases are simple and so is the ease of use of the app. With one tap, you can send your friend a “Yo, B*tch” greeting, or send your significant other an “I Love You, B*tch.” But according to WebProNews, think long and hard about it first. You wouldn’t want to end up like this poor reviewer.

“Yeah, this app is very fun but very dangerous. I downloaded it and thought, ‘now this is gonna be great! I can send everyone I’ve ever loved a beautiful message!’ Sad to say, they did not share my sense of humor nor did they appreciate my deeds. Now, my friends aren’t speaking to me, my relatives have blocked me and my ex boyfriend called the police on me for ‘harassment.’ So, a few hours and 5k of bail money gone, here we are.”

Paul is very grateful to his fans. He knows they are the secret to his success, and hopes they like this new app. Some public figures keep fans at arm’s length — but it’s clear that Paul has no intention of doing that. The actor uses apps and social media such as Instagram and Twitter to show how much he loves his fans, as reported by the Inquisitr.

“I’m really just trying to give the public what they want,” he said, and it appears that his fans appreciate that.