Latest Meghan Trainor Hit Parody ‘All About That Space’ Video By NASA Goes Viral

Everyone is all about Meghan Trainor’s body-positive tune that has already had multiple parodies created about it; most recently, a feminist-based theme caught the attention of millions. I bet that no one ever expected NASA interns to be responsible for producing the latest viral parody of the video they have rightly titled “All About That Space.”

The video, set to Meghan Trainor’s hit, “All About That Bass,” is said to have been filmed in the Johnson Space Center, which is the home of the Orion spacecraft that just completed a successful test last week. Orion is, of course, the topic of the cleverly strung together lyrics set over Trainor’s original addictive beat.

As NBC News indicates, the NASA interns just couldn’t resist making a parody to such a catchy track with equally clever and catchy lyrics to match.

“I see Orion crew workin’ that ship nonstop

We know we goin’ far

Now put that LAS on top

If you got boosters boosters, just raise ’em up

‘Cause every spacecraft needs propulsion

From the bottom to the top”

The video’s creation was in part to celebrate the successful mission that was completed in the recent week, but was quite obviously also to demonstrate that they aim for the stars in more ways than one. Meghan Trainor is sure to be thrilled that her track has become, quite literally, universal.

'All About That Space" Parody, via CBC

Not only does the video showcase the stellar dance moves of the crew, but it also unveils some spectacular photographs and footage of our universe that leave the viewer bordering on awestruck. As the Guardian indicates, “since its launch on Thursday, ‘All About That Space’ has been viewed over 200,000 times on YouTube.” In addition, the Guardian notes that as an intern, this is a pretty fantastic task to be asked to complete.

“The best thing about this video is that it’s probably the most interesting task a bunch of interns has ever been asked to perform. It’s not fetching tea or coffee; or having to take the office dog for a walk. It doesn’t involve filing or stapling, or running out to Pret with a coffee order for 15 different people, at least four of whom are allergic to something or other.”

The twitterverse has also responded.

This isn’t the first time NASA interns have put together an unforgettable parody of various hits. As NBC News reminds, NASA has been responsible for “We’re NASA and We Know It,” “NASA Johnson Style,” and “NASA Wallops Harlem Shake.” Meghan Trainor can feel honored to be added to the list of covers performed by the star-studded space station.

[Feature image courtesy of the Huffington Post ]