October 25, 2020
Corinna Kopf Flaunts Her Killer Curves In A Sexy Nurse Halloween Costume

Corinna Kopf sent pulses racing by dressing up like a healthcare worker who checks vital signs. On Saturday, the YouTube star took to Instagram to show off a sexy nurse Halloween costume, and her look proved to be popular with her 4.9 million followers. In just four hours, they smashed the like button on her post over half a million times.

Corinna, 24, wore a nurse costume with a dark twist. Instead of being the classic white color, it was black with contrasting red accents. It consisted of a sleeveless mini dress that was crafted out of latex. The glossy material clung to her curves, so her hourglass shape was on display in all its glory. A zipper on the front of the garment allowed her to reveal as much cleavage as she desired, and she wore it pulled down low enough to tease her fans with a glimpse of her ample assets.

Her dress also featured a collar and two garter clips on the front of the skirt. A small apron was tied around her waist, highlighting its slim shape. The piece featured a heart emblem with a cross in the center that helped make it clear that she was supposed to be a nurse. The same symbol appeared on the headband that she wore, which was designed to somewhat resemble a classic nursing cap. She finished her outfit with a pair of thigh-high black boots.

Corinna's accessories included a blocky nameplate necklace, a string of beads, a large designer watch, and multiple rings on her fingers. Her blond hair was so long that it reached her waist, and it was styled in loose curls. Shorter layers framed her face. She kept the focus of her photo mainly on her body by holding her phone up in front of her face to snap a mirror selfie.

She stood in a bedroom with white walls. The windows behind her showed a dark sky, indicating that her pic was taken at night.

Corinna's followers left over 5,000 messages in the comments section of her post. Many of them joked that they weren't feeling so well and were in need of her healthcare services.

"I ain't feelin so good right now," wrote one fan.

"All of a sudden I have corona," read another message.

"Help I've fallen and I can't get up," quipped a third person.

"I may have a slight cough," a fourth admirer commented.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Corinna recently thrilled her fans by rocking an even more revealing look inside of a bathroom. She stripped down to her "tighty whities" for the popular pic.