Christmas Card of the Year? Mayor Jorge Santini Reveals Baffling Family Photo

What do you think of when you think of Christmas? Do you think about family? Jesus? Presents? What about a jaguar mauling an antelope in front of a smiling family? Jorge Santini, the Mayor of San Juan, recently unveiled his annual Christmas card and the public is just a little bit confused.

The picture was so strange that it made its way to the Awkward Family Photo blog.

The Huffington Post reports that message on the card reads: “That you may illuminate your dream this Christmas.”

Ever dream of watching a jaguar eat an antelope?

The Santini family took several other photos during their Christmas photo shoot, and they’re all a little strange.

Here’s a Christmas Card if penguins, instead of jaguars, represent the holiday season for you.

santini christmas

And if you prefer creepy looking bears…

christmas card

Santini said that the Christmas photos were his way of promoting the San Juan Wildlife Museum. Do these photos make you want to go see the San Juan Wildlife Museum? Or do they give you an uncontrollable urge to point and laugh?

Is Jorge Santini’s Christmas Card the most ridiculous card you’ve seen this year?