Tim Tebow: Faith and Fury

There are certain things in life that make us all question what we know to be true and the success of Tim Tebow and the Denever Broncos are definitely one of them. They were said to be a team in transition. Tebow was not even their starting quarterback at the beginning of the season. There were rumors that he didn’t have what it took to be the all-star he was in college.

Then he took over as a starter and things have really taken off. The Broncos have won 7 of their last 8 games and he has become somewhat of a phenom. His last six games have been won with Denver trailing going into the third quarter. The scenario is the same week after week. Tebow looks like he doesn’t know what he is doing through the first three quarters. His passes don’t snap and he has a flair for launching the ball over a receiver’s head or skipping it off the ground.

Then comes the fourth quarter. He runs, he scores, he makes plays like no one has ever seen. For one of the worst ranked offenses in the NFL he becomes electric. Then the Broncos win!

Some attribute it to luck and some to skill, but not Tebow. Tebow is completely unapologetic for his rock solid faith in Jesus Christ. This has caused him to become the recipient of a lot of scorn. People tease him. They even have named his sideline prayers as “Tebowing”. Denver is in first place in their division after a win over the Chicago bears in overtime (again down by ten in the third quarter) and Tebow might be the third starter elected to the All-Star team. Whatever he is doing seems to be working!

Is Tim Tebow a star or just lucky?