‘Destiny’: How To Complete ‘Urn Of Sacrifice’ Quest For ‘The Dark Below’

One of the new Destiny bounties available via the Dark Below expansion is the Urn of Sacrifice Bounty given by Eris Morn. This quest can finally be started with Xûr’s arrival in the Tower Friday. Here’s a quick guide and some tips on how PlayStation and Xbox owners can complete this bounty.

First you need to go pick up the Urn of Sacrifice Bounty from Eris if you haven’t done so already. Then find Xûr, purchase the Urn from him for one Strange Coin, and return to Eris. She’ll give you the second party of the bounty, Gather Their Dust.

You’ll need to fill the Urn with Embers of the Lesser that Thralls drop when killed with a Solar Fusion rifle. It just so happens that Eris gave you a really good one in Murmur with the completion of the The Dark Below story quests. It will take many Thrall kills to fill the Urn, just don’t die. Death resets your progress.

There are several good missions to kill Thralls in quantity. The Dark Beyond and Sword of Crota story missions are both places to complete the second part of the bounty.

Turn this in to receive the third part of the bounty. Gather Their Fury. You’ll now need to kill five Curse Thralls with a melee attack to collect Seething Mist drops. You’ll need to be careful since these guys explode when they die and death resets your progress.

You can find Cursed Thrall in the Chamber of Night mission or by redoing the Hand of Crota bounty. Hive enemies, including Cursed Thrall, will spawn once you kill the Thrall hiding in the corner of the room where you first encounter the Hive in the Lunar Complex.

Destiny- Thrallskin Brace (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)
The Thrallskin Brace is your reward for completing the Urn of Sacrifice Quest.

The fourth part of the bounty, Gather Their Faith, asks for Hive Acolytes and Wizards to be killed with void damage and collect the Sullen Heart drop. Acolytes will drop one while Wizards will drop five. The Dark Beyond and Chamber of Night missions are good for this once again, but really almost any Hive story mission.

The fifth part of the bounty is when it starts becoming challenging. Now you need to kill a Hive enemy named Urzok. He appears in Skywatch near the Cosmodrome on Earth. Players have encountered him during the “enemy is moving against each other” events as well as the public event. He has extremely tough Arc shields, so you’ll want to use your best arc weapons.

The sixth and final part of the bounty, Ritual of The Forsaken, takes you to a special mission on the moon called Ritual of Sacrifice. It’s a repeat of the Chamber of Night mission, but with a giant Urn in the middle of the room that you must stand upon. Four Blades of Crota will spawn followed by waves of Hive (Thralls, Acolytes, Knights, Wizards, Ogres). Avoid the green circles on the floor.

Turn the Urn into Xûr in exchange for the Eyes of the Forsaken. You’ll then turn those into Eris Morn for a pair of Thrallskin Brace Legendary gauntlets with +33 light for your Guardian’s class.

Update: Just to be clear, Xûr need to be in the Tower to start and complete this quest, but not any of the part in between. You can simply hold on to the bounty until he returns.

[Images via Bungie, CableLineNetwork YouTube Channel]