WWE: ‘NXT R Evolution’ Showcased The Love For Pro Wrestling That WWE Needs

WWE NXT R Evolution

Many will tell the average WWE fan that NXT is the best thing going for professional wrestling. The matches, promos, raw emotion, and storytelling captivate the audience at Full Sail University every single night. What most people don’t know is the fact that NXT tapes multiple episodes a night, aside from special events, like NXT R Evolution. NXT is special and enigmatic in the sense that it builds superstars from the ground-up.

Last night, the WWE fans were witnessing magic unfolding in front of their eyes. NXT R Evolution was easily the greatest show the WWE put on all year long. Remember, it is mid-December, so that means it trumped WrestleMania 30, each and every pay-per-view, and Monday Night RAW. To put it bluntly, NXT just made RAW look weak.

From beginning to end, the show took you on a roller coaster of emotions that began with happiness and ended with joyous praise and tears. Yes, folks, the main event brought me to tears last night in jubilance. Kevin Owens’ debut in WWE was phenomenal, and Finn Balor proved why he’s the next mega-star in WWE. Truly the highlight of the night was Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville for the NXT championship.

Nobody could’ve written a better script for that storyline. For future bookers or writers in the professional wrestling business, that is how you write a feud. Zayn fought all year long to capture the NXT title. Unfortunately, the journey brought with it trials and tribulations that didn’t let him capture the prestigious title. Yes, that title carries more prestige than the Intercontinental, U.S., and Tag-Team championships combined.

Zayn’s win last night encapsulated a year of hard work and dedication. Balor’s entrance was truly magical as well. It was a mix of the Boogeyman, mixed with the aura of the Undertaker, and he blew the roof off the house — with only his entrance. In the last 30 years, the Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 might’ve gotten “Holy S***” chants. Balor did it with his first entrance at a major show.


His charisma is through the roof, as is his wrestling ability. Triple H is building an empire in Full Sail that will make the WWE do better. Right now, their product is bland and boring, with the exception of a few outstanding talents. At NXT, everyone received crowd reactions. Everybody puts on great matches and everybody gets a chance to shine. The “NXT 5” that includes Owens, Hideo Itami, Zayn, Neville, and Balor will be the future of WWE. Right now, I’d rather watch NXT than RAW any day of the week.

What this article is supposed to do is reveal the magic that professional wrestling lost along the way. WWE just isn’t fun anymore, and it may take rookies in the same arena to bring that love back. When Owens came out, he rocked the house. Each talent after that wanted to top him. Arguably, each one did, which made the night that much more special. NXT R Evolution made wrestling fun again, and hopefully that trend continues this Sunday at TLC. Pro wrestling found its love again.

[Image via solowrestling.com]