Abandoned Puppies Found In Dog Food Bag Discarded Like Trash Near Texas Highway

Abandoned puppies found in a dog food bag were rescued and transported to North Houston Veterinary Specialists (NHVS) to be observed overnight. The eight adorable pups were discovered on the morning of Thursday, December 11, 2014. According to USA Today, the abandoned puppies were in good health despite being found in a dog food bag on the side of the road.

Once NVHS discharges the animals, they will be transferred to nonprofit agency Abandoned Animal Rescue (AAR) in Tomball, Texas, to await new homes. The abandoned puppies are not listed among the adoptable pets on the rescue’s website yet, but there are a good number of other dogs and cats looking for new homes.

AAR is a low-cost spay/neuter clinic and no-kill shelter whose mission includes putting an end to unnecessary euthanasia of animals and finding forever homes for abandoned pets. The shelter is currently attempting to raise funds for a 10,000 square foot animal facility. The following plea for help appears on their website.

“AAR, a fantastic all-volunteer, no-kill animal center is building a 10,000 sq ft animal facility. It owns the land outright, and has about half of the funds needed for phase one, if you can help with any amount visit CrowdRise. Pass it on. This shelter is really making a difference in our community – in 2013, over 500 dogs and cats were rescued and adopted out; 18 lost pets were reunited with their owners. The spay/neuter and wellness clinic helps the public care for their pets at a reasonable cost.”

The eight abandoned puppies found in a dog food bag were discovered on the side of a highway near Willowbrook Mall, according to Click2Houston. An unidentified good Samaritan delivered them to NHVS.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a pregnant pit bull was shot and killed by deputies who were responding to a 911 call earlier this month. The deputies passed through a gate bearing a “Beware of Dog” sign to enter La Puente resident Rosaleen Banner’s back yard. That’s when the pregnant pit bull allegedly attacked. At first, they used pepper spray in a desperate attempt to fend off the dog. When that didn’t work, one of the deputies discharged a weapon at the animal. Three shots were fired in total. At least one of them was fatal. To make matters worse, the pit bull owner said the deputies were at the wrong home at the time of the incident.

[Image of abandoned puppies found in dog food bag via KHOU-TV]