‘Clash Of Clans’ Winter Update Live On All Platforms [Video]

Clash of Clans is getting a makeover for winter, just after the (Product)RED promotion came to and end on December 7. The developers of Clash of Clans, Supercell, have been taking notes on what fans want, and included some of those desires in the latest update.

What does that mean of Clans fans?

It means that players now have the ability to save multiple layouts for both your home Village and your War base using the new Layout Editor. The orums over at Supercell give all the juicy details.

  • Switch between layouts easily at any time
  • Make copies of existing layouts or build new layouts from scratch
  • Edit inactive layouts at any time – you can even take a break and finish later!

At Town Hall 8, Clash of Clans players will now have access to Level 12 Gold Mines and Elixir collectors. Other new goodies include Level 7 Giants at Town Hall 10, and they can compare their clan to others in clan local leaderboards.

As Game Zone reports, there will be changes to the Clash of Clans economy, making it a more balanced system.

  • Upgrading Walls with Elixir is now available only when upgrading to Wall level 9 and higher
  • The first Dark Elixir Drill is now available at Town Hall 7
  • The second Dark Elixir Drill is now available at Town Hall 8
  • Dark Elixir Drill maximum capacity has been increased on all levels

The winter update for Clash of Clans is big — really big. Players getting attacked can now watch a live replay of the attack while waiting for their village to load. Hero ability icons will show hit points, and even start flashing when those points are low. Just use the heroes’ abilities to boost their HPs. Speaking of boosts, the resume boost button now shows how much time is remaining on boost. Clash of Clans has a new, improved the level display for troops, heroes, and spells.

Clan pending join requests are now limited to 10 to reduce spamming.

Last but not least, in the forums, Supercell notes the improvements to the combat in Clash of Clans to make it more balanced for players.

  • Archer Towers now shoot twice as fast to better take down weak hordes (total damage remains unchanged)
  • Inferno Towers now shoot for a longer time before getting depleted (loading cost remains the same)
  • Army camps have heavily decreased hitpoints – no more stubborn campfires!
  • Cannons, Barracks, Laboratory, Spell Factory and Dark Elixir Drills have higher HP on almost all levels
  • Hitpoint values have been adjusted slightly for many other buildings
  • Lava Pup HP has been slightly decreased

YouTube user TheTimePlayed walks players through the new features of Clans in his six-minute long video.

It is good to know that while Supercell is developing other games, they still mange to give fans a massive update for Clash of Clans.

[Image via Metro UK]