‘Blank Space’ Parody: Taylor Swift Tune Gets Fantastic Mom Makeover [Video]

“Blank Space” was a chart topper for Taylor Swift, and now a parody of the song has gone viral. According to Today, the comical and entertaining parody was created by Elle Walker, Meg Resnikoff, and Brooke Mahan. The three women created the What’s Up Moms YouTube channel, and simply couldn’t resist making this song into something every mother (and every coffee lover) can relate to!

“We thought Taylor was singing about ‘Starbucks lovers,’ (instead of ‘long list of ex-lovers,’) and while it did strike us as an odd lyric for her, we moms could all relate to the need for caffeine,” explained Walker.

According to Ryan Seacrest, one of the moms even pokes fun of the misunderstood lyrics at the end of the video.

“I can’t last forever. I’m gonna go down in flames unless I place this order. Barista, make it rain. Gotta have my Starbucks latte, or else I’ll go insane. You’ve got a blank space, baby – please write my name,” are just some of the lyrics of the super catchy parody.

The “Blank Space” parody was posted on YouTube on December 10, and was viewed over 500,000 times since.

The song itself is still very popular, and people have been uploading their covers online for weeks. Check out this article by the Inquisitr to see the five best covers of the track.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]