‘Orange Is The New Black’s’ Season 3 Details, Time Jump And New Characters

Orange Is the New Black has a lot to celebrate with earning three nominations earlier, when the Golden Globes were announced. Of those three was breakout star Uzo Aduba, who scored a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Show for her role as Crazy Eyes.

E! caught up with Aduba for her reaction to her nomination and for the tiniest bit of scoop on the third season of Orange Is the New Black. To sum it all up in three words, she said it was “clear as day.” Earlier Uzo said that things were making sense and coming together for the third season.

Of her Golden Globe nomination the bubbly actress said, “I never dreamed it. My friend sent me a text that was like, ‘Congratulations! I’m dying,’ and I was like, ‘Why are you dead? And thank you.’ I didn’t know what that text was.”

So what else can we dish on the upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black? Well, actress Lori Petty, who had a small role in the first episode of the last season, will return. New to the series is Mary Steenburgen, who is playing mother to everyone’s favorite love to hate character, Pornstache. Additionally, Blair Brown will also join the cast, but we don’t know as who just yet.

According to TV Guide, there might be a time jump on the third season to accommodate Daya giving birth to her and correctional officer John Bennett’s baby. Matt McGorry, who plays Bennett, gave a quick quote on the upcoming season.

“They have different ideas about what should happen, as we’ve seen before, and that continues to come to a head as we get closer and closer to Month Nine.”

The third season recently wrapped and the stars hit a karaoke bar to celebrate an end of another great season. Alysia Reiner, who plays Fig, told Cosmopolitan of the fun wrap party. “It was so fun and hilarious. Laverne [Cox] was the bomb. Like, the bomb. I would not be surprised if she rehearsed before karaoke.” Samira Wiley sang Alicia Keys’ “No One” and did a pretty good job, although she posted a video of her messing up the words.

It’s said that the Netflix show will return to the streaming platform in mid-2015. So far, we don’t know the exact date on when the third season will be released.

[Image via Netflix]