‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special Trailer Released

Doctor Who fans have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the next episode of the television series as the BBC recently released the trailer for the upcoming Christmas special.

Entertainment website Dark Horizons viewed the trailer and offered a summary of what fans can expect. “First up, the BBC have unveiled the trailer for this year’s ‘Doctor Who‘ Christmas special and it’s a decidedly darker looking and less fable-style affair than those of the Matt Smith-era, even with Nick Frost as Santa Claus.”

Anthony Domanico at CNET offered additional thoughts on the preview.

“The Doctor and company will be battling a creepy, ferocious-looking alien thing at the North Pole, and they’ve called on trusty old Santa for help. The trailer also shows Clara erasing a chalkboard to reveal the words ‘you are dying,’ so we expect to see some amount of drama play out throughout the episode (though surely The Doctor will save her and everyone else, like he usually does).”

And while earlier reporting from news outlets such as the Mirror indicated that Jenna Coleman, who portrays Clara Oswald on the series, would not be leaving Doctor Who after the Christmas special after rumors surfaced that she would, Entertainment Weekly indicates that might not be the case according to a post it published on December 10. “There are rumors the Christmas show will also reveal that Coleman’s character is expecting the child of her sort-of-deceased boyfriend Danny Pink (long story!), and even that the episode is set to be the actress’ Doctor Who swan song.”

The Entertainment Weekly article reported that Coleman said the Clara Oswald pregnancy rumor was “news” to her but she was much more coy about her future with the series. “She is more tight-lipped when asked about the possibility that Clara may soon be leaving the TARDIS for good. ‘I’m terribly sorry for being so annoying,’ she says, ‘but Steven and the team are very keen for people to not know what’s going to happen, so it is genuinely a surprise.'”

Moviepilot reports that the tradition of airing a Doctor Who Christmas special has occurred for 10 years now, and offers a retrospective of all these episodes, starting with the first one, which aired in 2005.

In other Doctor Who news, the Inquisitr recently covered buzz surrounding the possibility of a future Doctor being portrayed by a woman. Both show runner Steven Moffat and actors who have portrayed The Doctor haven’t ruled out that possibility for later episodes of Doctor Who.

[Image via BBC One Twitter feed]

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