Disturbing Video: Four Missing Boys From Amber Alert Rescued After Standoff Between Their Dad And Police In Montebello, Calif.

Four boys who were part of an Amber Alert in Montebello, California, as of Wednesday night have been safely rescued. The boys, brothers, ages 6 to 11, were with their father, Daniel Perez, 43, the person of interest in this case, as reported by L.A. Times.

It was a grueling hour-long standoff between Perez and SWAT teams on a San Diego freeway, which consisted of negotiations and an attempted suicide when Perez tried to jump off the bridge. Watch it as it unfolded live in the video below.

Authorities caught a break, thanks to Perez’s LoJack tracking system in his car. L.A. Times reports that authorities activated the device, even though Perez hadn’t done so.

It was around 8:23 a.m. when Montebello police got a “ping” on Perez’s car and were able to pinpoint his location at El Cajon industrial park. Unfortunately, when police arrived, they discovered that Perez’s car windows were so darkly tinted that officers were unable to safely determine of the boys were in the car. Lt. Mike Multon says that is when they called for backup.

Things heated up when Perez drove off before backup had time to arrive. A pursuit entailed until Perez stopped on a bridge over a freeway.

As Perez sat in his car, authorities began trying to negotiate via cell phone with Perez. It was then the police confirmed the four boys were in the car with him.

CHP officers set up behind the car while sharpshooters took positions in various locations.

Two of the boys escaped by jumping out of the car and fleeing to the open arms of police officers.

As reported by NBC San Diego, once two armored BearCat vehicles surrounded his car, Perez came out of the vehicle while holding one of the boys’ hands. The other son followed behind them.

Perez and the two boys walked to the edge of the ramp, where Perez stopped for a brief moment and then attempted to jump over the wall to what would have been his certain death. But before he could complete his attempt, Perez was shot with a nonlethal bean bag gun and tackled to the ground. He was immediately taken into police custody, as CHP spokesman Kevin Pearlstein revealed to NBC San Diego.

“Our concern was he was going to try to jump over the side and take some of the boys with him.”

While not wanting to speculate on whether or not Perez is suicidal, Pearlstein told NBC San Diego he wouldn’t rule it out.

“Running over to the bridge, getting ready to jump over, is pretty good sign of what his intents were.”

Previously, Perez and his sons were last seen leaving a relative’s house Saturday night. The boys’ mom, Erica Perez, 39, was not with them. The boys have not been at school all week, nor had Daniel been at work.

A dead body of a woman was found in the trunk of the family car less than a mile from their home. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, police have not revealed the identity of the woman, nor her cause of death. However, speculation is that it is the body of the boys’ mother.

Amber Alert e1

Pearlstein is thankful for the end result today and for the success of the police and all those involved, as per NBC San Diego.

“The goal today was to get all four boys to return safely and for the suspect to get into custody safely and the result is a success from this point of view. From the other incident, obviously it’s a tragedy for the family.”

[Photo Credit: NBCSanDiego.com]