Selena Gomez Says She’s Single, Possibly Shades Justin Bieber’s Blonde Hair

Selena Gomez headlines are currently trumpeting that she has confirmed she isn’t dating Justin Bieber and is single.

Call us the obvious-brigade, but most sane people assumed that, after the starlet dropped her emotional, breakup epic “The Heart Wants What It Wants” last month. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the former Disney starlet said the single was about her romance with Justin.

Fast forward to Selena’s interview with Norway’s NRJ radio on Thursday. When asked if she was dating or ever considered using the dating app Tinder, the pop princess replied,

“No, I’m not actually.”

“Oh, goodness no!” Gomez added, then giggled. “I don’t even know how to work it to be honest. But no, I definitely don’t use Tinder.”

Let the record show, Selena Gomez is not dating Justin Bieber — or anyone else.

The 22-year-old also revealed that she has no bad feelings towards Bieber, saying,

“I definitely have so much respect and love for him, and going into the studio is just very therapeutic.”

Although Selena was clear that “The Heart Wants What It Wants” was about her turbulent relationship with the Biebs, she also said the song’s subjects — heartbreak and emotional confusion — are things everyone can relate to.

“It was my way of having it be a message more to people in general,” Gomez said.”People everywhere feel this feeling, and they should understand when anybody goes through that. [People] just can’t help what they want and [who] they love.”

A funny moment came up later when Selena was asked for her opinion about Justin’s new platinum blonde ‘do.

Laughing it off, the starlet dodged the question, saying, “That’s for him. I’ll let him answer all that.”

Was the Latina trying to be polite because she doesn’t actually like the Biebs’ radical new look, or was it because she doesn’t want to get into personal comments as a rule?

Justin Bieber, looking healthy at West Coast Customs Burbank, California launch on Sunday, December 7

Meanwhile, a few days before reportedly recording the first single for his 2015-due, solo album, Justin spoke to Hustle TV at the Burbank opening of West Coast Customs about his plans for next year.

“I wanted to have a moment where people didn’t see me for a while and then I could come back stronger.”

He added that he was “not done” but is “growing up” and “finding” himself “as a man.”

Bieber signed off, promising 2015 was, “going to be a great next chapter for me.”

Justin Bieber relaxing by a pool at his Beverly Hills mansion with pals on Wednesday, December 10

The following Wednesday, invasive photos surfaced of the singer enjoying some pool fun at his new Beverly Hills rental with pals, producer Maejor Ali and Xavier “Lil Za” Smith.

Maejor Ali

Then, on Thursday, hours after sharing news of his childhood dog’s death, the heartthrob was spotted visiting a Los Angeles recording studio with pals, videographer Alfredo Flores and model Hailey Baldwin.

Justin posted a snap of himself with the 18-year-old model, who, recently denied dating rumors between them.

The pic is captioned, “Bounce, bounce, bounce.”

hailey baldwin

Fans captured footage of the blonde pair leaving the late studio session in the same car.

Dare we say it, but looks like Justin and Selena are moving on with their lives.


[Images via Instagram/Shots/Xposurephotos.]