Occupy Wall Street Protesters Shut Down ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Filmmakers on the hit NBC series Law & Order: SVU were forced to shut down production on the TV series this past Friday after more than 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters stormed the set.

The show, which uses ripped from the headlines plots to tell it’s story had staged a Zuccotti Park type encampment and according to protesters they though it was exploiting their cause.

As they stormed the set one protesters told the New York Daily News:

“This is not us …We are not part of corporate TV America.”

After the scene ensued the city eventually rescinded the shows filming permit to the cheers of protesters as one of them announced.

“We made it so that they could not exploit us and that’s awesome.”

A short standoff between police and protesters occurred during the incident but ended without any trouble between both parties and the crowd eventually left.

I’m all for protesters standing up for their rights but shutting down entire businesses in which people rely on for their own jobs is hardly standing up against the financial backers that put America in it’s current situation.

Do you think the Occupy Wall Street protesters are taking their protests too far by closing down film productions? Less we forget Hollywood is a very liberal industry, one that they should want on their side, not fighting against them.