NYC Drunk Diver Stella Mednik Mowed Down Five People On Herald Square, Crack Pipes Found In Car

NYC drunk driver Stella Mednik has been charged with injuring five Christmas shoppers at Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan. Mednik, 34, reportedly had her law license suspended over misplaced funds accusations. The Brooklyn woman was also charged with leaving the scene of the Herald Square accident and driving on a suspended license.

Stella Mednik reportedly crashed her silver Mustang convertible into the Forever 21 showcase window on Wednesday evening. NYPD investigators said that Mednik’s blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit when she was arrested and transported to Bellevue Hospital.

new york city drunk driver
Stella Mednik is a suspended attorney arrested for alleged drunk driving accident at Forever 21 on Herald Square.

The former New York City attorney described herself this way on her LinkedIn profile: “My aim in life is to help people get out of situations that (they) feel they have no way out.” Stella Mednik also stated that she enjoyed working with immigrants and was able to “lighten the strain” of illegal immigrants facing deportation and other legal status problems. “I may be a sarcastic b***h on this site, but I love people and get them results,” she also posted on the social networking website.

heradl square
Stella Mednik

The NYC drunk driving victims were thrown into the air, one woman was pinned beneath Mednik’s car — her body was “driven” through the Forever 21 window as her legs remained pinned under the vehicle. The victims were between the ages of 18 and 55. Those injured in the Herald Square accident were transported to Bellevue Hospital, as was the 45-year-old male passenger in Stella Mednik’s vehicle.

Although all of the Midtown Manhattan drunk driving victims were “seriously injured,” they are all expected to recover from their injuries.

A CBS News report maintains that Stella Mednik had crack pipes in her Ford Mustang at the time of the Forever 21 Herald Square drunk driving accident. NYPD representatives have stated that the chaos surrounding the Midtown Manhattan accident began when Mednik rear-ended another vehicle on 34th Street and then backed up and attempted to go around the car.

The former Brooklyn lawyer’s car then jumped the curb and plowed right into the people on the sidewalk. “She must have freaked out. She backed up, took off, went around on the other side of the street, went through the intersection, skidded out, and fishtailed then fishtailed again the other way, and smacked into all the cars waiting at the light. She cut across, she jumped the curb and literally five bodies went flying in the air,” Herald Square drunk driving crash witness Matty Thomas said.

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[Images via: New York Daily News/CBS News]

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