Golden Globe Nominees: ‘The Affair’ From Showtime Makes The Cut – Watch Nominees Trailer Videos, Episodes To Catch Up

The Affair! Yes! That’s what I just exclaimed upon reading the official list of Golden Globe nominees on the list from the Golden Globes Awards’ Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The Showtime vehicle won a spot among the “Best TV Series, Drama” Golden Globe nominees, a space richly deserved along with stars Ruth Wilson and Dominic West’s Golden Globe nominees nods for best actress and actor in a dramatic TV series.

As previously reported in the Inquisitr article titled “‘The Affair’ On Showtime: Sex, Adultery, Murder And Good Storytelling,” that show is my guilty pleasure, with Mondays oftentimes finding me literally smiling at the thought of the now Golden Globe nominated show sitting on my DVR, waiting like a secret lover for me to indulge in its pleasures. Catch up with the premiere episode of that Golden Globe nominee right now, if you’re old enough.

The list of Golden Globe nominees reflects several other TV shows, movies and actors who’ve earned their Golden Globe nominees positions, like Steve Carell, who is nearly unrecognizable in Foxcatcher.

David Oyelowo’s turn as the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., in Selma awarded the actor a spot on the list of Golden Globe nominees as well.

Of course the dreamy Boyhood movie would win multiple positions on the list of Golden Globe nominees, with the movie literally being filmed across a span of years as the actual actors – Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette and others – aged in front of the audiences’ eyes.

Birdman topped the Golden Globe nominees list with 7 nominations, reports ABC News. Michael Keaton stars in the somewhat autobiographical film of a Hollywood star making a comeback.

Reese Witherspoon also made an appearance on the Golden Globe nominees list for her starring role in Wild, a movie based on the real life of Cheryl Strayed, a woman whose Oprah-recognized memoir won acclaim.

In the article titled ”Wild’ Movie Release Date Limited But Reese Witherspoon Drama Pulls In $677K At Only 21 Theaters,” we learned that the Reese vehicle is kicking butt and taking names in only a handful of theaters – and Fandango alerted this reported that Wild is finally opening at a Valley View theater in the Cleveland, Ohio-area about 25 minutes away from my home on Thursday.

If you watched all the above trailer videos and episodes of a few of the Golden Globe nominees, you’re at least caught up enough to have a decent conversation around the Keurig at work about the entrants on the Golden Globe nominees list.

[ Photo provided by NY Daily News ]