Charlie Hunnam Talks ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Ending And The Fate Of Jax

Charlie Hunnam thanked Kurt Sutter for the freedom he gave the actor while playing Sons of Anarchy (SOA) lead character Jax Teller. Hunnam said that playing Jax in the final two episodes of SOA was an “emotional crescendo” for him.

“The emotional crescendo that happens for Jax certainly in this season’s story, but really in his journey, that epiphany moment of really realizing who his other was and that specifically that she was responsible for Tara’s death, that’s sort of a moment that we were arcing toward all season,” Charlie Hunnam said during a sit-down with Kurt Sutter after the Sons of Anarchy series finale.

Charlie Hunnam also told Kurt Sutter that he loved the way the showrunner chose to go with the SOA series finale. “For me, it felt like the greatest celebration of who Jax was. I got the sense that being away from the family and being away from the club, there was no real happiness for him,” the Jax Teller actor said. “And I felt, truly in my heart, as the man who was so close to this character in those final moments, that he had found true peace and happiness.”

The Sons of Anarchy star also said that he walked away from the Jax Teller experience celebrating the “life” of the character and felt that the SAMCRO president did “exactly what he set out to do.” When discussing the mindset of Jax Teller during the final SOA episodes, Charlie Hunnam said, “He’s in a corner and decided that the only way to extract himself from this situation and keep everyone intact was to remove himself completely.”

Kurt Sutter said, “It was this sort of beautiful sadness, but joy as well,” when referencing the death of Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy. “There was an opportunity to have somebody driving that truck at the end, and I just thought I loved the callback or the irony of it being [The Shield’s Michael] Chiklis who ultimately runs head-on into Jax Teller. And then from that, I thought, well, there’s an opportunity here to perhaps set that up in terms of who this guy is so that when he comes back into our world that it’s organic and yet, it feels a little bit like part of the fate, part of the destiny of all these characters—that he intersects with Gemma, and that perhaps spending the time to take her somewhere created that gap. I went over and stopped by Chiky’s house and had a conversation with him about it, and he loved the idea.”

Sutter went on to say that “Jax understood, and that’s all that really matters.”

What did you think of the Sons of Anarchy series finale? Are you glad that Kurt Sutter and Charlie Hunnam took Jax Teller out the way so many thought they would, or would you have liked to see the SAMCRO president live happily ever after?

[Image via: Forbes]