Bill Cosby Rape Allegations: Doctor Claims Cosby May Be A Serial ‘Somnophiliac’

As Bill Cosby finds himself on the wrong end of numerous rape and molestation allegations dating back to the 1980s, a doctor friend of one of his alleged victims has spoken out, claiming that America’s favorite daddy may actually be a serial somnophiliac.

That allegation, and the more precise meaning of its implications, was made by Dr. Charlotte Laws, who claims that a friend of hers had a long running affair with Bill Cosby in the early 80s and was drugged by him more than once, even though they were having consensual sex.

As Laws told FOX411,

“[My friend] came to me and was distraught and said he had drugged her and had sex with her, and she said ‘it’s not like I would have said no to anything. She was pretty sexually adventuresome. She was perplexed as to why he would have done that, and she felt betrayed and she was confused about it.”

Laws, who holds a Ph.D. in social ethics, told FOX that in her opinion, Cosby drugged his victims, even if the sex was consensual, due to a condition called “somnophilia” in which a person gets off on the control factor over another person.

“It could be that he enjoyed having that power over women or that control over someone who was not in control,” she speculated, “I think that he probably… it turns him on somehow to see a woman incapacitated or out or not in control of herself.”

More specifically, a “somnophiliac” is someone who is aroused by sex with a person who is asleep or unconscious as a type of fetish.

Another medical expert, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky, speaking about somnophilia, told reporters,

“Basically, this is an inability to have a normal, sexually intimate and respectful exchange with a partner. Therefore, that partner needs to be drugged and semi-conscious in order for [one] to interact. It is not a matter of the sexual pleasure as it is of the dominance or control,” she explained.

In a contrary opinion, Dr. Mark Griffiths of Nottingham Trent University, said that based on his research, somnophilia is extremely rare, and, most likely, not a factor for Bill Cosby,

“I think [allegedly] using roofies to drug people is definitely one step removed from being a direct somnophiliac. The date rape is just about having total power over somebody but not about being asleep as much.”

Bill Cosby, who is now 77, has never faced criminal charges for any of the rape allegations made against him, which date back to the 1960s.

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