Bill Cosby Rape Scandal: Has The Media Already Ensured He’s Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

The recent revelations surrounding numerous rape allegations leveled against Bill Cosby decades after they allegedly took place, have taken America by storm, with many people’s illusions of the perfect TV daddy being smashed to smithereens.

When it comes to such serious rape allegations as those against The Cosby Show star all these years later, it’s clearly a case of “he said, she said.” It is also a case of “there’s usually no smoke without fire,” especially bearing in mind the number of alleged victims who have already come forward.

Consequently, one has to question why the alleged victims of Bill Cosby’s reported sexual advances waited all these decades to report the incidents to the authorities, especially as some of the allegations are pretty gruesome in their detail.

One case in point is the eighth Cosby victim to come forward, Angela Leslie, who in 1992 was a budding actress and model who contacted Cosby by letter enclosing a picture or two of herself.

When he got back in touch with Leslie, who was barely out of her teens at the time, she agreed to be picked up by his driver and given a room at the luxury Las Vegas hotel where Cosby was staying.

According to Leslie, as reported by the New York Daily News, when she went to meet Bill Cosby in his room, he told her to perform an impromptu audition for him and “act as drunk as possible,” having handed her a stiff drink.

“I couldn’t drink it,” she recounted. “I tasted it and put it down. Then he asked me to go into the bathroom and wet my hair…. I walked back out, and he had removed his clothing and gotten into bed.”

At that point, Leslie says she got into the bed, knowing full well that there was a naked Cosby inside it.

When she did, according to Leslie, Cosby produced some lotion and poured it into her palm, pulling her hand under the blanket and onto his erect penis, “With his hand on top of mine, he had me massage his penis,” she said. “He masturbated with my hand. I wasn’t pulling back. I was in shock,” she recalled.

Of course, if that incident did take place as Leslie describes, a lot of questions are raised, not about Cosby’s intentions, which were obvious, but about the young girl’s reasons for agreeing to join him in bed — and then wait 20 years to tell anyone about it?

Nevertheless, by most accounts Bill Cosby is already a condemned man, as people tend to remember sensational news headlines and care less about the real truth of the matter(s) once evidence is brought if a trial goes ahead.

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