Elizabeth Macias, Woman Who Pepper Sprayed Walmart Shoppers, May Sue Store

Elizabeth Macias, the woman who used pepper spray on her fellow Wal-Mart shoppers during Black Friday this year, may sue the retail giant.

Macias says that she only used the pepper spray because she felt like her life was in danger. If Walmart had better security during the annual shopping event, the incident never would have happened.

According to ABC, Macias, 32, used the pepper spray after her two teenage children were attacked by Wal-Mar shoppers. According to her Attorney Michael Champ, Macias’ son was on the ground being punched by a man when she decided to pull out the pepper spray.

Champ said:

“Right before they did the unveiling, one of the Wal-Mart managers announced that they weren’t going to do any unveiling until all Wal-Mart employees were out of harms way…. My clients daughter was beaten, kicked, and punched by another female shopper. She’s crying out ‘help me, help me mommy.”

A video of the incident shows Macias running away from the crowd without her children. Camp said that Macias was just “leading the way.”

Macias turned herself into police the following day. ABC reports that Macias avoided felony charges but could still be charged with a misdemeanor.

Do you think Wal-Mart should be held responsible for the pepper-spraying incident? Was it Wal-Mart’s lack of security that forced Elizabeth Macias to use pepper spray against her fellow shoppers? Or is Macias just trying to capitalize on the incident?