Pippa Kim Kardashian Butt: Pippa Middleton Says Her Butt Doesn’t Even Compare To Kim’s

Pippa and Kim Kardashian both have a famous butt, but who has the better one? Apparently, this has been a debate for quite some time, but Pippa Middleton has spoken out about her side of things — and she thinks that Kim is the obvious winner. According to Yahoo! News, Pippa wrote about Kim’s famous derriere in an essay to Spectator, a popular publication in the U.K.

“No year is complete without a bottom story, and the ‘Rear of 2014’ award undoubtedly goes to Kim Kardashian, after her posterior exploded all over the internet last month,” Pippa wrote. “I must say that mine — though it has enjoyed fleeting fame — is not comparable,” she added.

Pippa went on to talk about Kim Kardashian’s butt photos, and questioned the point of the whole “break the internet” thing. Evidently she didn’t feel as though Kim needed to show off her naked backside to prove that she is someone whom people obsess over. Pippa seems to think that Kim could have achieved that without getting naked.

“But the Kim butt story did make me pause. What is it with this American booty culture? It seems to me to be a form of obsession. Kim’s aim, apparently, was to break the internet, but I’m not sure she’s going the right way about it.”

According to the New York Daily News, Kim Kardashian has defended her choice to go naked for Paper Magazine, and says that it’s something that she wanted to do.

“For me that was something I wanted to do to make myself feel confident. I love the photos, I did it for me,” Kim recently explained of her decision to share her naked body with the world. It seems as though many people would still prefer Pippa Middleton’s butt to Kim’s, however, even if Duchess Kate’s sister thinks she’s out of the running.

Pippa’s backside hasn’t really made headlines since the royal wedding back in 2011. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Pippa got tons of attention since her flattering maid of honor gown put her butt on display, but that wasn’t something that was done on purpose, unlike Kim, who put her assets out there in a big way.

Who do you think has the better butt?

[Photo courtesy of Film Magic via Page Six]