Glenn Beck, Christians Furious With 'Family Guy' Over Depiction Of Jesus Christ

Benjamin Simon

After all the times Family Guy has depicted Jesus Christ negatively, you'd think the world would be numb to its off-color jokes. But another episode of the cartoon show starring Jesus has infuriated Christians across the world, and none so much as conservative radio host Glenn Beck.

In this particular episode of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane and his team show Jesus Christ trying to lose his virginity by sleeping with another man's wife. This supposed slander of Jesus Christ's chastity and purity is what has gotten conservative Christians angry, especially Glenn Beck. According to Raw Story, Glenn Beck used Family Guy's depiction of Jesus Christ as an example of everything wrong with America today. He claimed that Family Guy was not at all brave for satirizing Jesus and issues of religion.

"Family Guy, this Sunday, it's an edgy cartoon known for pushing boundaries," said Beck. "It aired a Christmas-inspired episode Sunday night about Jesus that apparently has some viewers angry. Virtually all Christians. Others are saying that this is the bravest show on television. Let me explain something about bravery. It is not brave to do the things that the elite and the powerful agree with."

Beck's co-host Stu Burguiere then added that it would be much braver for the cartoon show to mock Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, rather than Jesus Christ. Glenn Beck is a man of the Mormon faith, a follower of Jesus Christ who grew to popularity for his outspoken opinions on conservative values. While a controversial figure himself, Glenn Beck claims Jesus Christ is a sacred historical figure who did innumerable good for the world, implying that he should not be mocked for this, according to the Christian Post.

"Can you tell me one man that has changed the world for the better, made people more peaceful, more decent, more honorable than Jesus?" Beck asked. "But every great act, every great truly great freeing act was inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Why would we take down just that man? Why would we make him into a joke?"

Christian News says that this time Seth McFarlane, who is an outspoken atheist, has gone too far in his mockery of Jesus Christ. A collection of angry comments proved that Christians were not happy with Family Guy's treatment of their savior, Jesus Christ.

"This is thirty minutes of a ticked off anti-Christian making sure the world understands that he hates Jesus," said one IMDB commenter.

"This is the first time I've stopped watching a Family Guy episode less than a quarter way through," said another. "It's absolutely sickening what they did [to Jesus]."

What do you think about Family Guy's depiction of Jesus Christ? Did they go too far?