October 30, 2020
Charlize Theron Shares 'Slightly Seductive' Voting Selfie In Latest Instagram Update

Charlize Theron took to her Instagram page on Thursday afternoon with a flirty snap in which she displayed her "I Voted" sticker. She urged her 6.3 million followers to hit the polls for next Tuesday's presidential election.

She discussed her pose in her caption, hypothetically inquiring if one's vote still counted if they didn't take a silly, sultry photo to commemorate the event. She then reassured supporters that it does. She encouraged people to make their ballot official by any safe and reasonable means possible.

The Oscar-winning actress — who currently resides in Los Angeles, California — holds dual citizenship in both the United States and South Africa, where she spent most of her childhood.

Charlize held the camera in her left hand for the close-up portrait, where she was captured from her head down to the middle of her chest. This made much of the graphic on the front of her white T-shirt visible. The print featured an abstract purple background that resembled spray paint, topped with a black cheetah pattern with the word "vote" written in bold yellow and orange letters.

Charlize placed the round sticker confirming her participation in the democratic process over her lips, which appeared to be pouted. She gazed downward at the camera, and her right eye was closed in a sly wink. The angle of the shot emphasized the length of her slender neck.

A wall lined with a series of wooden floating bookshelves made up the background. They were decorated with neat, horizontal stacks of similarly-sized hardbacks interspersed with framed art. The small piece directly behind her head had an illustration of a vintage hot-air balloon encased in a shiny gold square. What seemed to be a child's portrait was placed on a lower shelf, with carefully-executed block lettering across the bottom.

Over 87,000 of Charlize's Instagram followers, including fellow actress Michelle Pfeiffer, liked the post in the first hour after it was uploaded. Nearly 1,000 people flooded the comments section with a bevy of responses.

Many speculated about her personal selection for the next president and vehemently stated their own opinions about the election. Others mentioned the stunning blonde's appearance and suggested they would prefer to vote for her.

"Cant see your shirt fully but it looks cool," observed one fan.

"I voted for the first time in my life this election!" exclaimed a second person.

"I wish i was a voting sticker," mused a third follower.