October 30, 2020
Camila Bernal Flashes Bodacious Booty, Incredible Curves In Tiny Plaid Miniskirt

Colombian model and social media influencer Camila Bernal continues to flaunt her bodacious booty by way of her popular Instagram profile. For her latest sultry share, which was uploaded to her feed on Thursday, October 29, the 23-year-old enthralled her 1.4 million followers with several snaps featuring her voluptuous body in a skimpy, wrap-around top and a plaid miniskirt that struggled to conceal her pleasantly plump posterior.

In the caption that accompanied the provocative pictorial, Bernal credited makeup artist Araceli Arami for giving her face a glamorous look for the photo shoot. The self-proclaimed "glam artist" had also provided Bernal with her lengthy, crimson-hued fingernails, which further enhanced the model's sultry appearance in the spread.

Fans were thoroughly impressed by Arami's handiwork, as well as Bernal's substantial showing of skin in the multi-pic update, having double-tapped the post well beyond the 15,000-like mark in a little over an hour. Almost 500 replies were left in the post's comments section as well, the brunt of which were declarations of love for the brunette bombshell's latest sexy share.

"Hot as it gets," opined one commenter, who also added the requisite fire emoji.

"You are such a masterpiece," wrote a second supporter. "So breathtakingly gorgeous."

"OMG," noted a third smitten follower. "You look so goooood baby love."

A litany of other commenters elected to eschew the use of words in favor of a veritable bonanza of peach emoji.

All four of the snapshots included in Bernal's steamy slideshow offered a stunning, backside view of her plus-sized derrière as she posed in a doorway that opened up into a bedroom. However, the Instagram star had also turned her body to the side, allowing several clear shots of her picturesque face and perky bosom.

Her tight, white top, which wrapped around her neck and mid-back, served to accentuate her chest, while also leaving her upper and lower back bare, save for the portions that were blanketed by her lengthy, brown locks. Meanwhile, her red, black and white plaid skirt failed fantastically at concealing her cheeks.

In the opening shot of the slider, Bernal stuck her thumbs into the top of her skirt on both sides, grasping at her waistband. Her eyes were downcast and her pouty lips were pursed as she focused her gaze away from the camera. That was followed by a snap of Bernal having moved her hands down to the base of her buttocks, where she appeared to give her sizable attributes a boost with her hands.

For the third picture, she turned to her left and crossed her forearms over one another while bracing her weight against the door frame. The thickness of her assets and thighs was well-evidenced in the shot as she peered directly into the camera lens with a smoldering expression. In the final photo, she grasped the frame with one hand while caressing her right cheek with the other.

Earlier this week, Bernal flashed serious underboob in an update that also featured her buxom buns.