Charlie Hunnam, Kurt Sutter Talk ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season Finale — End Of An Era

Charlie Hunnam and Kurt Sutter sat down on Anarchy Afterword Wednesday night to discuss the violent ending to one of cable’s most popular series, and the fate of one of TV’s most beloved characters.

Warning: Major spoiler ahead! If you have not seen the SOA finale, stop reading here.

Last night’s Sons of Anarchy season finale, “Papa’s Goods,” left no question as to Jax Teller’s fate. Instead of dying at the hands of his club for killing another SOA president, Teller commits suicide by driving himself into an oncoming tractor-trailer. The chase by police leading up to his death by a semi mirrors the same end his father, JT Teller, met many years before. In the end, however, Jax died on his own terms, and was seemingly content with his decision to end his life.

According to E! News, Charlie Hunnam said during Wednesday night’s Anarchy Afterword that although he and Kurt Sutter had talked at the beginning of the season about how the series would end, he did not realize until reading the last two episodes how Sutter was going to bring Jax’s story to a close.

“And that was the moment that it really dawned on me, that you had decided to really go for it and we were going to say goodbye to Jax at the end.”

According to Kurt Sutter, Jax’s suicide was in the plans all along.

“I had a sense really from the beginning of this ride that I liked the notion of Jax being brought to the same place of his father, but getting it right. You know what I mean? The idea that he was going to go out in the same way.”

Although Sutter considered leaving the end of the series open for interpretation, he decided against it so as not to leave fans in limbo.

“There was a discussion that he’s on the road and we see that truck and we leave it sort of open ended. And then ultimately I felt like this has not been a show of’ ‘what ifs,’ to a certain extent. This has always been a show about direct, specific choices and direct, specific consequences. So I realized I needed to be clear in terms of whether it happened or it didn’t.”

Hunnam joked with Sutter that SOA is not the only thing that is ending.

“It’s the end of a little era for us…a lot of sleepless nights and bottles of tequila.”

As far as what is in store for Charlie Hunnam and Kurt Sutter now that Sons of Anarchy is over, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Hunnam will play the starring role in Guy Ritchie’s Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, is connected to The Mountain Between Us, a drama about two strangers who survive a plane crash, and just finished up his work on Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. Kurt Sutter is now working on a new series for FX called The Bastard Executioner.

[Image courtesy of Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup/FX]