26-Toed Cat Helps Save Animal Shelter

The Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center has been close to the brink of shutting down for a while now but the organization may just be saved by an unlikely source, a 26-toed orange-and-white tabby cat named Daniel.

After hearing about the awesome cat and his 26 toes people from around the country have been flooding the non-profit with $26 donations to help keep the agency humming along.

The agency was recently hit with a double rent increase and needed money so they could relocate to a new facility or face going bankrupt.

Typically born with 18 toes Daniel was born with two extra extremities on each paw, just two short of beating the Guinness world record.

Thanks to Daniel’s awesomely bizarre feet the agency has raised almost $50,000.

When asked about his ability to lead a normal life the shelter’s owner noted:

“He runs and he plays and he climbs,” and “He seems to be not bothered by it at all.”

What do you think of Daniel the 26-toed tabby?