'Chrisley Knows Best' Son's Absence Addressed: Will Kyle Chrisley Return To The Show?

People have been loving Season 2 of Chrisley Knows Best and the show is already renewed for Season 3. However, there has been some drama behind the scenes regarding Todd's son, Kyle. As the Season 2 finale looms, viewers will get a bit more insight into what's going on regarding the Chrisley Knows Best son's absence. Will viewers be seeing Kyle back on the show again?

As Yahoo! News shares, the Chrisley Knows Best son's absence is due to Kyle Chrisley being estranged from the family. Todd says that the 24-year-old is dealing with bipolar disorder and is not regularly taking his medications. In the Season 2 finale, it seems that Kyle will say that a new doctor questions the bipolar diagnosis, though he seemingly will say that he is indeed off his medications.

Kyle has made some juicy and harsh allegations against his father to the tabloids, as Radar Online has noted. He claims that his father Todd essentially "stole" Chloe from him and only wanted her around for the show. However, Chloe's mother Angela Johnson says that is not the case, and Todd has called the claims hurtful.

'Chrisley Knows Best' son's absence explained

Johnson says that she, Kyle and Chloe would have been "on the side of the interstate" if it weren't for Todd. She says that Todd and his wife Julie stepped in to help when Kyle wouldn't, and that there have been some unsettling incidents involving Todd. She also says that Kyle is not involved with Chloe while she calls the little girl two or three times a day.

Julie and Todd share custody of Chloe with Kyle, but it is said that Kyle hasn't seen his little girl in months. Now the Chrisley Knows Best son's absence is being addressed in more detail, with Todd saying that Kyle will not be returning to the show.

Todd says that Kyle needs structure and that filming the show isn't conducive to that. While some shows would surely do their best to get all of the family drama captured on cameras, it seems in this case the family is aiming to keep things a bit more private.

Kyle says he doesn't want to be on the show anyway and he never liked doing it, as he was on camera during some of the early shows. He says that everything about it is fake and he's happier being on his own.

Though a premiere date for Season 3 has not been revealed yet, TV Guide notes that it will consist of 12 episodes. Given the quirky chaos that the rest of the family brings to the table, it seems like the Chrisley Knows Best son's absence may work best for everybody. Will you miss seeing Kyle involved in Season 3?

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