‘The Voice’ Has A Top 3 — But Which Front-Runner Didn’t Make It?

Tuesday’s result show episode of The Voice was an intense affair to say the least.

Looking back on Monday night, it’s hard to pick out a bad performance or bad performer.

It was clear that voting was simply going to come down to the personal tastes of the Voice audience.

An early look at how the Voice singles charted seemed to suggest that Craig Wayne Boyd, Matt McAndrew and Chris Jamison were safe.

Chris Jamison was the first name called.

Are you shocked?

I was shocked!

And so were a lot of people who expected him to be in the bottom two alongside Damien Lawson.

However, iTunes sales for Voice contestants proved to be the clue as to who would be safe and who would sing for their lives.

Once Chris’s songs became high-charting features on the singles chart, it was clear that he, and not Williams, would be declared safe during the Voice result show.

With that stunning turn of events out of the way, we were left to sit through the brand new wildcard round.

Only it does not come with the instant gratification of the Voice instant save.

Nope, you have to sit through an episode of the Today show before Carson Daly announces to the world the person re-joining The Voice and heading to the season finale show.

This is either pure brilliance or evil on the part of the showrunners.

Though Voice viewers were no doubt pleased to see their departed favorites again, there were only a hand full of standout performances.

Taylor John Williams sang “Wicked Games,” a very sensual song that will probably appeal to the “fangirl” vote a bit more than Ryan Sill’s “Marry Me” performance.

Damien followed with “Grenade,” and was very good. The question is whether good matters when it’s all about popularity at this late stage.

Sugar Joans did her best with “Back To Black,” but it’s kind of clear for her and the other women Voice singers that this will not be their year.

Which brings us to DaNica Shirey. Instead of backing his personal favorite Joans, Voice coach Pharrell Williams should have spent all his endorsement on Shirey.

Her performance of “Without You” was the strongest effort of a woman all night, and perhaps the best chance we have of a woman in the finale.

Luke Wade may or may not have been a surprise elimination, but his plea for the Voice audience to have a little faith in him may have come too late.

If only Wade had chosen this song for his instant save rather than the wildcard.

Everyone else simply came back for last minute cameos that served to remind the Voice audience that they were right to boot them from the show.

However, despite the best efforts of these few artists, there is just the one spot available in the Voice season finale.

Of the nine eliminated singers on The Voice, Taylor John Williams, Damien, and DaNica Shirey are most likely to get a second glance for comeback purposes.

It’s highly likely that Williams will get the nod tomorrow.

Who do you think deserves the wildcard spot in the season finale of The Voice and why?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official YouTube]