Ellie Kemper Engaged! ‘Office’ Star Dishes to Conan

Star of NBC’s The Office, Ellie Kemper, has confirmed that wedding bells are in her future.

The 31-year-old sitcom actress dished to late-night host Conan O’Brien about her writer soon-to-be husband, and her grandfather’s reaction to meeting her intended a few Thanksgivings ago. Kemper is engaged to Michael Koman- who, coincidentally, worked for O’Brien for “many, many years,” as O’Brien pointed out during the interview with the Office star on his show Conan. Kemper, who plays Erin on the popular NBC property, tells this story about her grandpa’s comments after “grilling” Koman:

“So we finished dinner and we went to the kitchen to have dessert. There was a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie out, and my grandpa said, ‘Ellie, what kind of pie are you gonna have?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know, grandpa. They both look really good. I think I’ll have pecan.’ He said, ‘Are you sure, Ellie, because it’s okay to keep your options open. You don’t have to settle on a pie right now.'”

She continues:

“He was like, ‘Who knows what other pies might present themselves? Maybe your mom has a blueberry crumple in the back. Maybe Mrs. Burke will stop by with an apple crisp.’ I looked at over at Michael who’s stricken, because obviously, he thinks he’s talking about Michael.”

However, Kemper insists, her family is very “warm, welcoming people” and that “Michael is a delight.” She also says they’ve met her fiance “several times” since the pie discussion. Kemper did not say if the couple has yet set a date for their wedding.