Niall Horan Photo Makes One Direction Fans Worry About Band Breakup

Niall Horan is the latest member of One Direction to make fans freak out about a potential band breakup. However, it’s not completely his fault that Directioners are worried.

According to the Daily Mail, Niall Horan made his fans panic by sharing a One Direction group photo on Instagram. The picture in question featured Niall, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne posing with retired footballer Ruud van Nistelrooy. Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to notice that Zayn Malik was missing from the photo.

why is zayn always missing, wtf.

— molly ♡ (@nervcus) December 8, 2014

why is zayn always missing tho it’s beginning to worry me — clodagh (@buttonmalik) December 6, 2014

As you can see, Horan and the rest of the band don’t look very concerned about Zayn’s absence in the above photo. However, this could simply because they were so thrilled to meet Van Nistelrooy — Niall Horan’s Instagram caption was evidence of this.

“Met this legend today! what an incredible player he was, one of the best finishers ever! RUUUUUDDDD!”

Some fans also expressed their concern that Zayn Malik’s absence from Horan’s photo is evidence that he’s about to quit One Direction. Ever since he missed an interview on the Today Show, there have been rumors that Zayn wants to walk away from the band. During the interview, host Matt Lauer asked Malik’s band mates if their missing member was suffering from a substance abuse problem. However, drugs have nothing to do with why Zayn is allegedly thinking about leaving One Direction.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some sources have claimed that Zayn Malik is sick of fame and that he wants a quiet life away from the spotlight and the screaming fans. One source said that Zayn Malik is a “family person” who just wants to spend time with fiancée Perrie Edwards. He’s ready to settle down and marry the Little Mix singer, but his busy schedule is making it impossible to set a wedding date.

It might be true that Zayn is having a tough time dealing with his status as one of the most famous young men in the world, but he hasn’t walked away from One Direction just yet. Yesterday Niall Horan responded to fans’ worried tweets and Instagram comments by tweeting the photo below.

To further reassure fans that Malik hasn’t gone anywhere, Niall shared a second photo on Instagram today. It shows the entire group posing with an adorable young fan named Effy.

“We just met the cutest, bravest little girl ever! Effy it was lovely to meet you! Hopefully we will see you very soon! Xxxx”

Niall Horan Instagrarm

Perhaps Niall Horan’s photos will allay fan’s fears that Zayn Malik is going to quit One Direction in the near future.

[Images via Niall Horan/Instagram]