‘The Little Couple’ Spoilers: Dr. Jen Arnold Gets Cancer Check, Day Out With Zoey

A new episode of The Little Couple airs Tuesday night on TLC and fans cannot wait to check it out. Will and Zoey are pretty settled into life with Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein these days, but there are still some challenges ahead for the family. What can viewers expect from the December 9 episode? There are some Little Couple spoilers available for this episode and fans won’t want to miss them.

Much of last season focused on Jen Arnold’s cancer battle, though she received good news after months of treatment that she was in remission. During Tuesday’s new episode, titled “Device Free Day,” there will be an update on Jen’s health as well as a family trip to Galveston, Texas.

Entertainment Tonight shares a Little Couple spoiler preview showing Jen and Bill going in for Arnold’s six-month oncology checkup. Will there be good news for her? It seems there is, as she apparently remains free of cancer and her doctor is quite optimistic that Jen will remain that way. It has been a difficult battle for Arnold, but fans are relieved that she is doing so well.

Also ahead in this episode, the family decides to take a break from electronics and their regular routines and spend some quality time together. This is when they hit the road and spend some relaxing time in Galveston, a favorite location of the family’s.

Bill and Will spend a day together fishing while Jen and Zoey head to the beach. Hollywood Life shares a Little Couple spoiler preview of Jen and Zoey’s time together, and it is definitely a hoot.

In the new clip, Arnold talks about how important it is for the couple to take time individually with each of the kids, and the beach at Galveston seems the perfect opportunity. Zoey counts the birds as the pair sit under an umbrella, while Bill and Will have a more active outing.

Fans have already seen that Bill is struggling with some back issues and, later in this new season of The Little Couple, viewers will see him move forward with surgery. In the meantime, though, Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey are embracing a quieter life than they had last year as they work on bonding as a family.

Fans will be quite relieved to see Dr. Jen Arnold’s cancer check go so well, and everybody loves seeing Will and Zoey having fun. New episodes of The Little Couple air every Tuesday night on TLC.

[Image via TLC]