Justin Bieber Reveals He Went Blonde Because He Was ‘Bored,’ First Solo Single Drops ‘March’

Why did Justin Bieber dye his hair platinum blonde? Answer: Because he was “bored.”

So say fans who met the singer outside a Los Angeles recording studio on Tuesday night, (December 9.) Their extensive tweets about their Bieber experience are detailed below.

Since the 20-year-old unveiled his new platinum blonde ‘do last week, it’s triggered tons of reaction and speculation as to why the heartthrob took such a radical step.

Hollywood Life claimed their seemingly never-ending supply of sources with access to the “Confident” singer said, “Justin said he needed to ‘shake things up’ in his life.”

The Canadian allegedly added, “Now I am going to find out if blondes really do have more fun,” and apparently thinks the finished result looks “really cool and dope. He said a close friend dared him to do it.”

The site later claimed Bieber went blonde because he is “trying to forget Selena Gomez.” Bizarrely, the outlet then reported “sources” said the singer had bleached his locks to “win back” his former girlfriend.

Apart from the fact that specific Hollywood Life “Exclusives” have recently been slammed as fictional — thanks to statements by Austin Mahone, Hailey Baldwin, Gomez and others — it turns out the outlet were over-thinking their invented “source” reveals.

According to the female fans waiting outside the L.A. studio last night, Justin stopped and chatted with them for about five minutes about his hair, the first single from his 2015-slated solo album, and touring, and even let the group peek inside his Escalade SUV at his Apple TV.

Naturally, the fans took to Twitter after their meet and were inundated with questions. Earlier on Wednesday, one of the group tweeted that she will be posting Vines of their Bieber encounter.

For brevity, we’re going to let the group take it from here.

we meet again @justinbieber nothing but good vibes #snapchatselfies pic.twitter.com/KTyyinnjZo

— Marlene (@ItsMarlenebabyy) December 10, 2014

Another in the group appeared to confirm the shockingly simple reason for Bieber going blonde, tweeting,

This next fan also met the singer and shored up the “bored” claim.

The fans also claim Justin revealed he finished recording his first single from his upcoming solo album last night. The fans claim he said the song will be released around his birthday in March, with a solo album dropping in April and a tour in May.

Multiple tweets from members of the group agreed on that information.

Justin said he will have a single out around March, album in April and tour around May

— Tatum (@TatumBateman) December 10, 2014

Thanks for showing us your new car, love ya babe @justinbieber pic.twitter.com/algCqDZpmx

— Tatum (@TatumBateman) December 10, 2014

User @ItsMandizzle supported Tatum’s claim.

As did @ItsMarlenebaby.

Justin Bieber album coming in March/April tour in may!

— Marlene (@ItsMarlenebabyy) December 10, 2014

User @starrkowlessar added her recollections.

Further confirmation that the girls met the newly-blonde hitmaker.

Of course, there’s nothing like a visual to answer doubts. The Inquisitr will update with the aforementioned Vines if, and as, they arrive.

For now, news that Justin’s debut single from his in-progress, 2015 solo album may be set for March, with an album release in April and a tour in May, are the first, specific details on the singer’s plans for next year. However, nothing official has been confirmed.

At the weekend, Bieber spoke to Hustle TV during West Coast Customs’ relocation launch in Burbank, California, about his new music.

“When you drop music you wanna have an actual break,” the Biebs said. “I wanted to have a moment where people didn’t see me for a while, and then I can come back stronger.”

Justin then explained, “You know I’m also growing up. There’s a lot of things that I’m going through and finding myself as a man. So, it’s going to be a great, next chapter for me.”

Update: The vines. The quality isn’t great. But they show the fans weren’t hallucinating.

[Images via Twitter/Instagram]