Jesus Christ Reportedly Fathered Two Children With His Wife Mary Magdalene, Reports Controversial Book

A controversial book claims that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and also fathered two sons by her. "The Lost Gospels" is based on interpretations of ancient texts and claims that the Virgin Mary was not Jesus' mother, but instead was his wife Mary Magdalene. The text that was studied for the book is over 1,500 years old and was transcribed from Aramaic to English.

"The Lost Gospels" released on November 12 and has been the center of controversy since. Authors Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson spent over six years studying the ancient documents that were found in a British Library. Much of their time was spent translating the text from Aramaic to English. Despite the text being written nearly 500 years after the birth of Jesus, both authors are intent on the belief that their translation and the content is true. However, Mark Goodacre, a professor at Duke University, feels the findings are not credible at all, according to ABC News.

"I don't think that there is any credibility in these claims at all. There is simply no evidence in this text or anywhere else that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, much less that they had a couple of children."
Despite Goodacre's disagreement with the pair's findings, others have believed a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene was possible. An Egyptian papyrus was unveiled in 2012 that seemed to to coincide with the findings of Jacobovici and Wilson. However, the papyrus was also written hundreds of years after the death of Jesus, just as the 1,500 year old text that served as the basis for "The Lost Gospels".

The book also claims that Jesus was the target of multiple assassination attempts and so were his wife and children, although none were successful. There are also hints that Jesus was quite powerful, similar to a mob boss, and had connections with many high powered political figures.

According to the authors, Jesus is not specifically named in the "Eccelesiastical History of Zacharias Rhetor", the translated text, but instead Joesph was named. They also claim that Joseph's Mary is Mary Magdalene and that Joseph is Jesus, adding confusion to the claims. The New York Daily News, even Mary was named Aseneth in the text. However, the authors claim that she was actually Mary Magdalene.

Despite the author's claims, the British Library has attempted to distance themselves from the book, claiming that they simply house the manuscript from which the book was interpreted and nothing more.

What are your thoughts on the claim that Jesus was married and had children?

[Photo Courtesy: World News]